Vivek Wadhera inspiring a New Way of Growing. A keynote Speaker & Thought Leader who partners with your organisation to create a Culture of Mindsets for Innovation.

You will appreciate his approach of Empathising & Collaborating with stakeholders, that leads to an environment where Change, Growth, and Diversity become the pillars your business thrives on. Vivek has been exclusive with Speakers Inc since 2017.

Vivek’s work will provide the following benefits to delegates:

  • Grow Sales by creating products that work for your end customers – not the other way around.
  • Learn to get into your customers’ minds & figure out what they’re thinking
  • Use your diversity as a tool – learn to thrive with BBBEE; collaborate better with diverse groups & cultures, e.g. Millennials.
  • Create Innovative Solutions by understanding underlying problems & generating ideas.

Are you struggling with business uncertainty?……

Are you experiencing slow growth?……

Reached your BBBEE targets but not innovating?……

Quick Facts:
  • COO at Choppies, a ZAR 12 Billion JSE-listed FMCG retailer.
  • Entrepreneur in MFS Africa, tech startup rated by Fast Company as Africa’s 2nd Most Innovative Company.
  • Management in 2 US Fortune 500 firms: Harley-Davidson & Micron.
  • MBA from Kellogg, a world Top 5 MBA.
  • Experience covering 20 countries, 4 continents, and African, Western, and Indian business cultures.


“Cultural Disruption – Transform your Culture to Innovate”:

In this compelling & entertaining talk, Vivek shares how you can innovate to become a great brand.

Vivek Wadhera – Culture Innovation shows how you need to disrupt your business culture to connect with different stakeholder groups & cultures (e.g. millennials) – or risk extinction. And he then presents a toolkit allowing you to innovate for such diverse users.

This toolkit gives you superpowers like: getting into your customer’s head to figure out what they’re thinking; how to harness the potential of “power users” of your product; and how to unlearn bad habits so that your mind becomes a powerhouse of creativity.

Woven around these concepts is his hilarious personal journey, from growing up in small-town Botswana, to working in the USA for Harley-Davidson, to returning to SA.

He also draws on simple examples from industries like technology, fashion, aviation, and the public sector.

“The Assimilator”:

How to go from being a vulnerable outsider, to an internal collaborator, driving innovation & growth. This talk will enable you to use your position as an “outgroup” member as a strength rather than a weakness.

With the world becoming increasingly more diverse (culturally, gender, and class), you’ll acquire assimilation tools to navigate a variety of leadership environments.

Vivek’s global background, education, and experience, has positioned him to develop tools to equip leaders from all walks of life & backgrounds.


Hands-on sessions based on Vivek’s CLAIM™ framework (Cultural Leadership And Innovation Model™). Filled with interactive dialogue, you will leave with practical tools to boost innovation & collaboration.


Custom-tailored solutions to catalyse your cultural transformation. Vivek will develop these solutions & serve as an objective voice embedded in your business.




The Citizen



  • On SABC TV – Consumer Goods Conference, Midrand

  • Dancing with the Audience – Leadership2020, Sandton:
  • Digital & Millennial Creativity – YALDA Conference, Botswana


Prior experience includes running 2 technology startups in SA & working for 2 Fortune 500 corporate companies in the US, including Harley-Davidson and follow Vivek on Twitter


“he’s brilliant” – Standard Bank

“really hit the mark” – SPAR

“extraordinarily valuable” – General Electric

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