Verity Price

Verity Price

Way back in 2005, Verity Price started her journey as the first South African musician with the tenacious foresight to get online crowd funding for an album she hadn’t even recorded yet. Fifteen years later, and a career glittered with accolades, brings us to 2021 and Verity’s latest big first – first speaker from Africa to ever be crowned the World Champion of Public Speaking and the 6th woman in history.

What does it take to be the first?

Her talent for ‘acting out the box’ rather than merely ‘thinking out’ of it, has brought international success for Verity, speaking globally on innovation and thinking differently, which includes two TEDx Talks.

As the Toastmasters 2021 World Champion, Verity captured the judges, and thousands of peoples imagination with her winning speech ‘A Great Read’ – an inspiring invitation to improve our lives by “writing a different story”.  Helping people do just that, is Verity’s passion.

With a degree in Psychology and Anthropology from UCT, as an accredited De Bono Six Thinking Hats facilitator and an advocate for Positive Psychology, Verity believes passionately that change happens when teams have the confidence to create new ideas. She has crafted speeches and workshops to grow this ability with measurable, exponential success over the last decade.

Verity has worked and spoken to teams in Mass Mart, Engen, Woolworths, Ackermans, Old Mutual, Transnet, Chevron, Sanlam, Vodacom and Distell amongst others to inspire their staff, solve old problems, uncover new ideas and gain the competitive edge in their industries.

If you’re looking for someone, who has proven their innovation through their own stellar trajectory, to bring energy, positivity and creativity to your business or next event, then Verity is the first speaker you should talk to.


Think Ahead Of The Crowd


A keynote exploring how to radically change the way you think about obstacles in order to access powerful innovative thinking & exciting results far ahead of the crowd.

Journey with Verity as she unpacks her experience of becoming one of the world’s first online crowd-funders and shares the strategic thinking approach she used and the lessons learned when it comes to pioneering a new idea and navigating resistance and obstacles along the way.

Take-Away Messages

A story that has been featured at TEDx and in numerous local and international documentaries. Join the thousands of people across South Africa and Europe who have loved this talk. It never fails to inspire, educate and entertain.

Positive Productivity – Activate Optimism


A keynote exploring the science behind success, happiness and optimism and how to activate positive productivity and increased well being in your life.

Drawing on the latest research, explore scientific findings that prove how a positive brain & positive daily habits, directly creates positive results.

Better yet, Verity gives you easy to follow, fool proof daily changes, that lead to significantly increased happiness and productivity.

Take-Away Messages

Have your audience entertained by this game changing talk and take on Verity’s 21 Day Optimism Challenge to ensure they embed the lessons learned.

Expert On:

Innovation, Creativity and Positive Mindset.  Please download Verity’s Speaker Pack to learn more about her and her key offerings

Travels from: Cape Town, South Africa

Fee: from $5,500 excluding Travel

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