Tazim Elkington – Evolutionary Disruptor

Tazim Elkington - Evolutionary Disruptor

Tazim Elkington – Evolutionary Disrupter is an Independent international trainer, facilitator and speaker focused on self-created non-traditional effective and result-based transformational methodologies for the 21st century.

Leader in training business professionals and organizations to reach their highest potential through developing core values to achieve objectives and targets and known as The Indian Black Butterfly!

Trainer in authentic leadership, self development, personal and corporate culture including bottom line management, revenue generation and successive advancement.  Now available to book through Speakers Inc

Results oriented and decisive with a reputation for innovation and lateral thinking skills; consistent success in solving a diversity of demanding business issues. Tazim Elkington – Evolutionary Disruptor has proactive leadership and management expertise complemented by strong strategic planning skills, coordinating, and delegating capacities. 

Tazim Elkington – Evolutionary Disruptor

Creating coherence and a collective forward-thinking/behaving space for individuals and groups is required for best practices. This always begins at the top with leadership teams and management before engaging with the rest of the staff. 

In today’s increasingly competitive business world, the heat is on for leaders to find innovative strategies to up their output and boost those profit margins. 

But thriving organizations all have one thing in common: a thriving workforce that is inspired, engaged and motivated. This starts at the top, by equipping management with results-driven methods to set new standards of excellence for everyone.

This is where my unique suite of training services comes in with solutions, helping organizations transform their work culture to attain optimum levels of success across the board. With my tailored, cross-industry service I bring to the table decades of expertise in people skills and international business, gained from years working in the tourism, hospitality, airline and real estate sectors.  

  • Do you need new strategies to target some changes and bolster your company’s success?
  • Would you like to experience the tangible results of a revitalized workforce?

 My untraditional, highly effective methods help you close that gap between where your company stands now and where it strives to be tomorrow. Follow SI on Twitter

General Management

  • Designed and developed training programs for new hires
  • Designed and developed continued training programs for existing employees
  • Developed and implemented training programs based on future skills needs assessments
  • Client Relations


  • Establish, Design and Implement all Marketing Campaigns
  • Track All Media Print Advertising Results
  • Report and analyse all Marketing Campaign/Print Media Results
  • Design and Implement “Special” Marketing Campaigns
  • Acted as Liaison between Third Party Design Group and Printer

Financial & Budgeting

  • Created annual budgets in sync with the Controller and my team
  • Quarterly budget comparisons to ensure we were in line with the annual budget
  • Created a platform to save costs in some areas in order to increase the S& M spending for better product exposure

Marketing and Customer Service

  • Networking and Referral programs to increase business
  • Barter marketing
  • Joined various Key associations and organizations for Brand exposure
  • Prepared and delivered product presentations to companies
  • Setting and Administering Sales Targets

Training workshops, events, speaker and sessions

  • Interacted with over 3000 people in 8 years at workshops, meet ups, retreats, one-on-one sessions in Kenya
  • Trained over 2000 new and existing sales representatives in 2007 and 2008 on the Extensive tools and systems for Coldwell Banker Canada
  • Training through a Live Microsoft Online tool and Webex training platforms. Onsite training for existing teams and brokers on updated tools and systems

Operational Reviews

  • Team member for a confidential operational review process for several Coldwell Banker Franchises to evaluate their organization’s performance, delivery and 2-5 year plan for success

Hypnotherapist and regression therapist

  • Certified Hypnotherapist and Transpersonal Regression Therapist with validated influence in life changing sessions for clients.


  • Evolutionary Disruption to Authenticity,
  • Qure your mind to mindlessness, Authenticity,
  • Universal Value system,
  • The myth of a JOB,
  • 21st Century Leadership Models,
  • Progressive Company Culture,
  • New Leaders now, Organizational Change,
  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Life/Work balance, and it goes on…