Susan Oh is the leading expert Internationally on blockchain technology and crypto currencies.

Founder and CEO of AI-based service, Susan Oh shares her keynote talks that helps users discern disinformation using novel NLU/NLP and sentiment analysis ML, and then create original content placed on IPFS for attestation.

MKR AI is an AI Partners Fund portfolio company, built by Crane AI, and trained by Trane AI. Susan Oh-Artificial Intelligence Speaker.

Autodidact civic technologist in AI & blockchain; founder & advisor to benevolent AI & blockchain start ups.

Blockchain AI Industry lead for Trane AI.
Founder & CEO, MKR AI.
Governing member, Blockchain For Impact, UN General Assembly.
2011 AAJA Knight-Poynter Fellow; 2011 AAJA Ford Foundation Fellow.
Nominee for 2010 EDDY award by Edible Communities publications, the 2011 James Beard Foundation Publication of the Year.
Part of the Newsweek International team awarded the 1997 Overseas Press Club Ed Cunningham Award for best reporting from abroad for coverage of the handover of Hong Kong to Chinese rule.
Susan Oh led a team to create two winning submissions to the 2006 Media Innovation Awards (MIAs) by Marketing Magazine (Canada) for a top Canadian entertainment conglomerate, for national transmedia campaigns (Molson Canadian, 20th Century Fox).
International media experience with good story sense & knowledge of the editorial process with work published in or aired on major media outlets in Hong Kong, Toronto, London & Chicago.

Successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.
Instrumental in the launch of’s first branded magazine, Connexion, print & web.

Susan Oh

Multicultural sensibilities for effective communication on all levels, with conversational French & Korean language skills.

Flexible, diverse Jill of all word-related trades with a love of a good story, no matter the country or culture from which it hails.

Pleasantly persistent taskmaster motivated by innovation, storytelling and service.
Grammarian with a sense of humor and an intuitive sense of team’s needs.
AI Companies

Chair of AI
Company NameBlockchain For Impact (BFI) UN GA
AI Blockchain Industry
Strategic partnerships for the open-source ecosystem built by Crane AI/ Epic AI that opens up AI development for all with crowd-sourced data for AI training.

Travels from: New York NY

Speaking Fee: $8,000 – $12,500