Today we had the fabulous and amazing Lucy Bloom on our Global Speaker Showcase series with Speakers Inc.

Wow, after the last couple of weeks I have personally had with clients and speakers I thoroughly enjoyed your message of COURAGE. This is not as you said just turning up for work but the courage to do something different and face those fears and challenges. This so resonated with me after the year of moving house, losing my father and mother-in-law within 2 months of each other, moving continent and hemisphere, new business ventures and then of course the perseverance through Covid.

Thank you Lucy not only for your amazing hair colour, energy and brief stories you shared but for being a part of our global series all the way from Sydney, Australia. If you would like to see the colour of Lucy’s hair then watch the full showcase video from the link in the comments below.

Finally, after giving Duane Rockwell a week off last week so Bronwyn Hesketh could step in as MC, he was back with his usual high octane energy and natural facilitation style in the questions. Thank you Duane yet again as the MC extraordinaire! I particularly loved the end “oh wait there is more”… and then the banter between you and Lucy. Ha ha..

Here is the link to listen to the podcast episode.

If you would like to watch the full showcase talk and Q&A session then please register on the below link for free for full access.


Bronwyn and Duncan

Speakers Inc International