Ronald Eddings is a Silicon Valley based cybersecurity expert, blogger and digital nomad whose ingenuity, dedication, and ambition have earned him a reputation as a trusted industry leader. Over the course of his career, he has garnered extensive experience, working at various fortune 500 companies and mentoring a multitude of fellow professionals along the way.

In addition to cybersecurity, he is well-versed in software development, devops, and artificial intelligence.

Technologists are mental athletes with no off-season. The constant need to learn, improve, and iterate creates friction in the life of technologists, stifling both creativity and innovation.

My mission is to inspire, empower and uplift the technology community through knowledge and human stories so that others have the opportunity to reach their set potential. Technology and my life’s mission both require a lifetime commitment to learning and teaching.

Each opportunity to gain a rare and valuable skill is an opportunity to gain personal and financial freedom. By exploring the intersection between humanity and technology, I hope to help others uncover their potential and realize their freedom.

Travels from: Austin, TX

Speaking Fee: On request