Roger Haskett is an award-winning international keynote speaker and President of Engagement Unlimited. With his innovative keynotes and programs, he ignites positive transformational change in teams and individuals across North America and beyond.

Roger’s experience, knowledge and highly contagious positive energy have garnered him countless 10/10 audience rankings “best of conference” survey results and hundreds of return clients.

Roger has a B.A. in History and a B.F.A. in Acting (he's been in over 100 TV Shows, films, and commercials), an M.A. in Education. He has lived the last 25 years as an entrepreneur.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada, with his amazing partner, three incredible kids and two persnickety cats. He spends part of each day wondering how he is so blessed.

Roger’s topics range from performance under stress, the power of play, effective communication skills and the age of engage within companies and culture at large.

Roger’s impressive background in teaching and acting (he has been seen in over 175 TV shows, movies and commercials) allow him to utilize a unique session format that ties stories, theory, and application together in a team-based game. This structure primes every participant to learn and creates engagement in the room that everyone experiences and benefits from.


The Age of Engage: How to Create Engagement

Works best as a motivational opening keynote, inspiring break out session, or hands-on workshop.

Engagement means active participation in your desired company culture, a greater buy-in to your brand, and improved bottom-line results.  It is the secret sauce that makes your work and your life magic.

Roger Haskett utilizes an innovative session format that ties stories, theory, and application together in a team-based game to prime every participant to learn and create engagement in the room for everyone to experience and benefit from.

His unique insight and forward-thinking approach to workplace dynamics and culture at large will challenge participants to re-think their attitudes and discover new and exciting ways to deliver more value to their clients and those around them.  

Participants will walk away with tangible tools that will inspire them to be more productive, creative, and successful in their work.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about how shifts in workplace culture, education, media, and cultural values have shaped what engagement means and how we can now effectively measure engagement across all aspects of our lives.
  • Understand how to create and promote active participation and the neuroscience behind emotional contagion, mindfulness, social pain, and much more.
  • Discover how to be more engaging and harness this power for improved creativity, productivity, and bottom-line results in your own life.

Pressure Cooker Confidence

Works best as a motivational opening keynote, inspiring break out session, or hands-on workshop.

This award-winning session is designed to develop presentation skills and improve your relationship with stress so that anyone can learn to communicate effectively and be a bigger, better, more powerful version of yourself in any moment.

Roger Haskett utilizes his extensive background in acting and teaching to engage his attendees as he explores the amazing techniques that performers use to excel under pressure.

You will hear inspiring and motivating stories while learning ready to apply tips and tricks and having fun along the way in an inclusive, safe space.

This session is ideal for your opening keynote: it puts participants into the best headspace for learning and networking for the rest of the conference by teaching them strategies to be bigger, better, more powerful versions of themselves at your event.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn and apply Roger’s Rules: Own the Room, Fight to Stay Positive, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable
  • Understand the science behind how your brain works while under extreme stress and gain tips and tricks to overcome fear, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Learn to be a bigger, better, more authentic version of yourself while under stress

The Power of Play

Works best as a motivational opening keynote, inspiring break out session, or hands-on workshop.

Play has been scientifically proven to be one of the best methods to create engagement, increase performance, and supercharge creativity and innovation. In a word, play is MAGIC.

In this dynamic session, you will learn and practice innovative techniques that incorporate play into work, education, meetings, team programming, and LIFE.

The session not only talks the talk but walks the walk! Participants will experience first hand some of Roger’s recommended activities resulting in a wildly entertaining and profound experience. This session is ideal for your opening keynote: it puts participants into a playful headspace which is the best for learning and networking for the rest of your conference.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain tangible strategies to help incorporate play and a playful mindset into the most important aspects of work and life
  • Design your work environment, training sessions, and meetings to increase knowledge retention, encourage creativity, promote wellness, and much more
  • Learn to reverse society’s concept of play so that you can use play to create power

Emcee Services / Learning Coach Services / Facilitation

Roger combines his theatrical background with corporate poise and an engaging style to create a guaranteed formula for success. Roger captivates the audience with a lively energy, appropriate humour, and charm while evoking emotion and weaving together the story of the event.

Event managers and stakeholders feel confident knowing Roger can easily adapt his style to your organization’s brand identity and will work with you to ensure your event objectives are met.

Emcee Services

  • Opening and closing remarks tailored to your group
  • Speaker intro and extros that help them feel appreciated
  • Housekeeping duties to keep everyone on the same page
  • A charismatic, inclusive energy that helps everyone feel welcome and at ease.

Learning Coach Services

  • Mindfulness and Intention-setting
  • Touchpoints to lock in learning and reiterate important objectives
  • Facilitated energizer breaks and networking games
  • Pre-conference content expert speaker coaching and training


  • Moderating group discussions and panel sessions to lock in learning and keep the agenda on track
  • Opening and closing sessions that reinforce key objectives, promote discussion, and provide key-takeaways

Travels from: Vancouver, BC in Canada


US East: $10,000 – $20,000*
US West: $10,000 – $20,000*
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* Ranges are presented as a guideline only. Speaker fees vary by engagement type and are subject to change without notice. For an exact quote, please contact us at Speakers Inc.