Raymont Harris is an Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Coach and Consultant that specializes in Elite Mindset & Performance Training.

But more than that he is also a father, friend and brother.

Born in a small steel city outside of Cleveland, Ohio called Lorain, Raymont was raised alongside his older brother and sister by his widowed father. Raymont, from the very early days of his life was faced with extreme challenges that have greatly shaped the man he is today.

Former NFL player, by the way of THE Ohio State University, Raymont has spent the past fifteen years working hand in hand with coaches, staff and athletes inside one of the most premier athletic departments in the country. He guided C-Suite and senior level executives, advised entrepreneurs on growth, flexibility, effective leadership and communication. He has empowered the lives of countless people most recently through is fundraising efforts at OSU. Where there he raised MILLIONS of dollars through unwavering hard work and dedication, by creating strong relationships, building trust with donors and overcoming the challenges that come along with fundraising.

Effective communication motivation, leadership and education through empathy, vulnerability and owning your voice is how Raymont successfully helps athletes, executives, and organizations become EMPOWERED.

If you are seeking growth and empowerment for your audience, you need an elite mindset keynote speaker that has done the work himself and has the results!

Raymont Harris, aka “Quiet Storm” is a former NFL player turned entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and transformational coach. In his keynotes, he shares his own life that was filled with adversity, and his own moments of growth that are brilliantly woven with engaging stories, hilarious anecdotes and his high energy that is contagious. He expertly shares his story, while he also gives the audience the tools and the empowerment, they need to have an elite mindset and belief in themselves.


  • Elite Mindset
  • Empowered Leadership
  • Overcoming Challenges
  • Career Transition
  • Inspiration
  • Empathy for Men / Mental Health
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