From Why Coach of the San Francisco 49ers to leadership and sales speaker, bestselling author, and Chief Purpose Advisor, discover Paul Epstein path to become the most trusted voice on leading battle-tested teams and building purposeful culture through The Power of Playing Offense.

Paul Epstein has been in the sports industry since his career began, serving in the NFL league office leading a national sales campaign for Super Bowl XLVIII…

From an entry-level sales position with the NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers franchise, Paul worked his way through the ranks on the power of his passion and willingness to follow his guiding purpose: to make an impact.

He eventually became the Clippers’ sales manager, helping them rise from 28th in league revenue to 2nd before moving to a position in New Orleans to help the city save their floundering NBA team— then in danger of being relocated.

Paul then followed his purpose to the NFL— serving in the league office, leading a record-setting Super Bowl XLVIII national sales effort, and overseeing a $1 billion campaign for the 49ers while opening Levi’s Stadium.

Inspired in part by the message Paul’s late father left with him, that every day is an opportunity to impact lives for the better, Paul went on to take his biggest leap of faith yet.

Paul left the boardrooms of major sports leagues to begin sharing his message of purpose, activating your WHY, and Playing Offense in life and work around the globe. He became an in-demand speaker and thought leader, authored the critically lauded The Power of Playing Offense, led a leadership development lab for a $3 billion organization, and continued to hone his process for putting purpose into daily action.

Today, Paul continues to share his message in keynote talks, books, his Playmakers podcast, a successful coaching practice, and as Chief Impact Officer for Purpose Point as well as Chief Purpose Advisor for the WHY Institute.


Playing Offense – Leadership

In Paul Epstein’s keynote message on the Power of Playing Offense, he shares the stress-tested secrets to unlock organizational performance, combat burnout, inspire teams, and scale purpose and positivity through any environment, no matter how dismal current conditions appear.  See how Playing Offense can become your ultimate ‘people solution’ amid uncertainty.

This keynote is for you if…

You believe leadership is the engine that fuels organizational purpose and its culture.  You have a bias to action, and are committed to leading self, leading others, and leading impact, at a championship level.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discover the leadership and culture dynamics to attract, engage, and retain your top talent
  • Build a purposeful and impactful environment where everybody shows up at their best
  • Acquire a toolkit to overcome adversity, cultivate grit, and build resilience—from tactics to action
  • Inspire an identity of a winning mindset, where performance, success, and ownership of outcomes soar

Playing Offense: Sales Performance

This keynote is for you if…

You are driven to compete in today’s relentless market.  Grit, agility, and a resilient mindset are the table stakes.  Learn from a 15-year NBA and NFL sales leader, who has walked through the same fires.

Learning Outcomes
  • Discover how purpose can be the igniter of performance, productivity, and perseverance
  • Grow customer relationships from transactional to transformational, through one simple rule
  • Acquire a framework to build trust and earn loyalty from your team, clients, and key stakeholders
  • From firefighting to FIRED UP – energize your locker room to show up committed to a standard of excellence

Playing Offense: Culture

This keynote is for you if…

You are growing weary of the never-ending battles of finding, engaging, and retaining talent.  Learn the keys to org and local culture where people know they belong, can thrive, and will stay, because they matter.

Learning Outcomes
  • Reconnect fragmented and hybrid workforces to rally around a spirit of camaraderie, empathy, and trust
  • Elevate the level of adaptability and agility so your culture can persist and endure any climate
  • Learn how purpose can galvanize your organization to greater passion, positivity, and happiness in the day-to-day
  • From partners to tourists to prisoners, learn to lead challenging teams through highly volatile times

Travels from: Los Angeles, CA

Speaking Fees: $10,000 – $20,000