Oya Thomas is a nationally-known inspirational speaker and award winning author who lights up audiences with vitalizing talks that encourage others to express their authentic selves.

Infused with compassionate, loving, powerful, divine energy and her bubbly sense of humor, her thought-provoking presentations incorporate lyrics and spoken word to raise consciousness and increase any room’s vibrations.

Oya is a long-time leader and entrepreneur and uses her education and rich life experiences to guide each speaking engagement. As a speaker, an artist, and a student of psychology and spirituality, she has always taken the initiative to go after her own life’s passions with graceful gusto.

At age 10, she began to work as a paid event singer and actress, eventually launching her own modeling and talent agency in high school, which evolved into a production company. And her lifelong quest to learn about the mysteries of the mind led her to earn a B.A. in Psychology from LMU Loyola Marymount University and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica.

Her highly-specialized degrees, her deep knowledge of business and the artistic field, plus the fact she has seen both the glorious and the challenging parts of all sides of the entertainment industry has taught her, first-hand, the keys to being successful. The wisdom she has gathered through years of hard work, study and life lessons gives her unparalleled expertise to help the women, artists and children she coaches discover ways to become leaders and find happiness.

Combining an up-front, real attitude with a contagious, pure conviction that life should be lived with joy and courage, Oya delivers practical strategies to help people truly embrace the gift of manifesting their dreams.

Oya has spoken at women’s groups, seminars and workshops, schools — junior high schools, high schools and universities — and church and community events. The depth of her knowledge and curriculum gives her the ability to custom-design talks so they are tailor-made for each group.


Inspire yourself and guests at your next event to shine your bright light in the world with Oya Thomas’ energizing Signature Talks. Through these programs, participants learn how to silence criticism, blame and excuses so they can align and co-create with their spirit and build a loving relationship with themselves in order to really connect to their dream and find the courage to live it.

She helps them access the unstoppability of their inner child, who is without restraints and judgements, and delivers the mindset and practical tools needed to achieve dreams and get into the zone of following life’s greatest passions against any odds.



Are you at peace with your mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment? This seminar explores the “5 Star Points for Success” – the philosophical basis of all Oya’s programs – and teaches you how to strip your life of limitations and give you the inner confidence to live life fully, so everyone can see your beautiful light shine. She shares the five elements – MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, EMOTIONS and ENVIRONMENT – that she tuned in to as she was building her own foundation as a successful artist and fully-present human being. And she gives you the strategies you need to follow to become aware of these elements in your own life to find the strength and momentum necessary to manifest your dreams and create tangible success through positive thoughts and real action.


SHINE LIKE THE STAR YOU ARE for Health/Wellness and Service Providers:

Are you a health/wellness service provider or caretaker who devotes your life to providing loving care to others?

Does this describe you?


Is your company as successful and profitable as it could be?
Here are some hard truths:

In order to be of great service to a company, employees need to be healthy, happy and passionate about the work they do.
If your company is like most, your employees are spending about 20 hours a week of company time stressing out about their jobs. (That’s half of a typical 40-hour workweek!)
At the end of the day, employees who feel stressed out and distracted are not able to focus on their jobs.

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