Neil Singh is a San Diego Comedian. I started when I was 36 and wanted to see if I could actually be funny on stage. Turns out, I could.

The road is what you make of it. In a conventional sense, it’s likely been a rocky road. There’s been a lot of obstacles, in terms of doing comedy in more established venues. I’m older, and the comedy clubs are looking for younger more traditional upcoming comics. Therefore, I have had to develop in bars and alternative shows wherever will have me up.

The journey, however, has been incredible. I entertain at a high level because of the obstacles in the way of a traditional path to becoming an established comedian. Every tough venue, dive bar, variety show, etc. provides me a unique opportunity to better hone my craft and therefore I wouldn’t trade my path for anything.

Bottom line, I’m funny as hell despite having almost no support from the traditional comedy community. Long live Independent Shows!!!

I’m a comedian and, most importantly, a dad. I learn from life and I use whatever opportunities are presented to talk about life as I see it.

I’m proud of having made my own way, and having placed highly in many competitions, including 2nd in the San Diego Comedy Festival in 2020. I do things my way, and strive to get better with every performance.

What sets me apart from others is constant growth. I don’t care about the stage or venue. I don’t care about the prestige. What I care about is that if you saw me 6 months ago, when you see me again you see a noticeable difference in the quality of entertainment I have provided. Thus far, I have been able to accomplish that, and I hope to keep getting better as a comedian.

I would love to say that there has been some external influence that has assisted my path. When I started comedy, I was largely interested in developing a social network. The more I have involved myself in Comedy, however, I have found it to be an individual pursuit. Comedians are generally awful people, especially club comedians. I found my path by finding individuals who I enjoyed and bringing a performance product that enriched their shows.

Travels from: San Diego, CA

Fee Range: $2,500 – $5,000

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