Nadia Bilchik, President of Greater Impact Communication, is an internationally renowned television personality, communication and professional development training expert, author and keynote speaker.

Nadia has anchored and hosted feature programs for CNN International, CNN Airport Network and MNet Television (South Africa) and reported for CNN Weekend. Nadia was formerly Editorial Producer for CNN’s Weekend Morning program.

Her uniquely dynamic, entertaining and substantive approach to communication skills training, comes from her extensive experience in conducting training workshops, coaching business professionals and delivering keynote addresses to a broad range of audiences both in the USA and globally, as well as interviewing high-profile figures, celebrities and corporate leaders. They include President Nelson Mandela, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Anthony Hopkins, Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon, and George Clooney amongst others.

Nadia’s clients include: The Coca-Cola Company; Samsung; Porsche; Home Depot Corporation; Georgia Tech; Starbucks; ESPN; Hudson Bay Company; Turner Broadcasting – CNN, TruTV, Cartoon Network; INPO, Accenture; Commercial Real Estate Women’s “CREW”, affiliates nationally; Jamestown L,P; Arnall Golden Gregory; Lathams; MSL Group; North Easter University; The Women’s Food Service Forum, ERC Worldwide – Corporate Relocation Specialists and Network of Executive Women “NEW”.

A sought after moderator, Nadia has hosted events for Coca Cola, Ted Turner’s -The Captain Planet Foundation, as well as the International Women in Film Crystal Awards with Alfre Woodard. She has opened the SOS Children’s Villages in South Africa with President Nelson Mandela.

Nadia is author of 3 books including The Little Book of Big Networking Ideas, small changes BIG IMPACT-Maximize the Power of Your Presence and Leverage the Power of Your Personal Brand and OWN YOUR SPACE – The Toolkit for the Working Women.

Nadia Bilchik | Communication Speaker | Corporate Trainer


As a keynote speaker, Nadia aims to encourage self-confidence and enhance professional potential. In today’s highly competitive business environment the ability to build relationships through the use of interpersonal skills is critical in attracting new business and cultivating existing business.

Maximize Your Presence: Persuade. Influence. Inspire
Nadia’s presentation will show you how to boost your ability to influence others by learning to exude confidence, competence and charisma. She will share tips to enhance your personal presence and project the very best version of yourself. You will learn to be more compelling, to quickly assess others and make a connection in the most appealing way. You will also rapidly develop a greater understanding of verbal and nonverbal techniques that you can utilize to enhance your overall presence.

In this keynote you will discover to how to:

  • Quickly assess people and relate to them in the most appealing way
  • Understand what enhances your presence and what inadvertently sabotages you
  • Keep your audience’s attention in a digital age
  • Speak with a powerful and persuasive voice
  • Ensure that you are H.E.A.R.DTM

Nadia will use a system she has developed over her career to increase your awareness of how you are perceived by others. Her techniques will help you project a more dynamic and persuasive presence. You will discover how to easily build rapport with anyone you meet and ensure your ideas are really heard. Interactive, fun, fascinating and life-changing, this award-winning presentation will empower you to become more persuasive and gain greater professional and personal success.

OWN YOUR NETWORK: In person and online
This highly motivational, team building keynote is designed to encourage self-confidence and introduce strategies for enhancing long term, mutually reciprocal relationships. In today’s highly competitive world, building relationships through the use of interpersonal skills is critical in maintaining existing and attracting new business.

Members of every organization can positively impact the organization regardless of their position. This transformational presentation will show participants proven ways to improve professional and personal relationships.

Learn to:

  • Network to nurture existing relationships and develop new ones
  • Overcome anxiety and exude confidence
  • Start and maintain memorable conversations
  • Quickly assess people and relate to them in the most appealing way
  • Make the long-term investment in others so they want to invest in your success
  • Effectively maintain relationships
  • Enhance your virtual networking capability

Nadia is the author of THE LITTLE BOOK OF BIG NETWORKING IDEAS, A Guide to Expert Networking.

Books can be ordered with us through available as a keynote, half or full-day interactive program.

Tips and Techniques to Build Rapport every time you communicate
The most critical skill in business today is building rapport with others. Now you can learn from a pro. Nadia, an international news anchor and interviewer, shares clips of her interviews with celebrities such as Tom Hanks, Anthony Hopkins, Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. You will learn the art of communicating with anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Building Relationships to Create a more Diverse Business Environment
This highly interactive, transformational keynote is to first guide each participant to their own unique perspective on the importance of diversity in driving innovation and growth Then, to learn particular networking skills as critical tools in creating this diverse, innovative environment.

  • Understand the value that multi-cultural perspective brings to your company
  • Gain a clearer understanding the various contextual and culturally-based meanings of multi-cultural
  • Gain a deeper understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • Gain skills and insights that enable them to engage in cross-cultural networking
  • Gain the ability to adapt to different personality and cultural styles to facilitate more effective business relationships
  • Jointly develop and explore suggested strategies for your company to deal with multi-cultural perspectives

Own Your Space: Confidence. Competence. Charisma

In this engaging keynote Nadia will provide tips and techniques to ensure you always come across as the best, most confident, competent and charismatic version of yourself, particularly in stressful and high stakes situations.

Own Your Brand: Maximize Your Presence And Leverage The Power Of Your Personal Brand

Do you constantly and consistently come across as the best version of yourself? Are you aware of your strengths as well as the qualities that can inadvertently sabotage you. In this highly engaging, interactive keynote we look at the verbal and non verbal qualities that can either enhance or detract from the overall way you are perceived.

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Speaking fee: from $10,000 – $20,000