Lolita Taub is a GP at Ganas Ventures where she invests in pre-seed and seed community-driven companies. With 15 years working within the Silicon Valley ecosystem, she has accomplished $70M+ in sales and made 90+ investments as an angel investor, Scout at Lightspeed Venture Partners, and VC at Backstage Capital and The Community Fund. Lolita is also a Co-Founder of proprietary matching tools Startup-Investor Matching Tool, the GP-LP Matching Tool, and the LaaS community which brings along a community of over 4K+ founders, funders, and ecosystem friends. Forbes and Inc Magazine have featured her as a woman promoting investment in underestimated founders and funders.

Taub’s roots are in South Central Los Angeles to Mexican parents who immigrated to the United States with no money and no family to go to for support. Her father found jobs as a migrant farmworker, in a door manufacturing factory, and as a truck driver.

Her mother babysat and cleaned houses. “We grew up poor,” Taub says. “People used to tell me that I’d be a high school dropout and go on welfare.” At age 34, she had a bachelor’s degree, an MBA, and 13 years of experience working in the tech industry—including high-profile positions at venture funds built on investing in women, people of color, and the LBGTQ+ community.

Lolita Taub is a woman of color with 13 years in tech, is an investor, micro-influencer, an international keynote speaker, 2x TEDx speaker, who has been recognized for her work in venture capital and tech on Forbes,, The Huffington Post and among other publications.

Prior to her venture career, Lolita spent nearly a decade in B2B tech, consulting and selling solutions to enterprises cross-industry at IBM, Cisco Systems, Silicon Valley and NYC startups. She has a BA from the University of Southern California and an MBA from the IE Business School. Most importantly, she is a dog mom to the cutest Dachshund mix, Choco.


Investing & Venture Capital, Diversity & Inclusion, Building Community, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Future of Work, Business, Technology, Artificial Intelligence


Keynote, Virtual Presentation, Fireside Chat, Panel, Moderator, Webinar, Workshop and Training


The Future is Multi-Hyphenated in the Era of Community

Jay Z said it best: I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. The multi-hyphenation of individuals is the future. It will be the norm for people to have a portfolio of companies and employment, thanks to market shifts in employment (The Great Resignation, COVID catalyzed), lack of life satisfaction in status quo work environments, and the need to generate revenue to stay afloat and make ends meet.

In her talk, Lolita Taub explains why the future is multi-hyphenated in the era of community and how organizations can leverage this new market shift in creating or maintaining their edge.

Latinx Allyship, Power, and Belonging

A leadership + motivational fireside chat.

Host a candid leadership and motivational 1-hour fireside-chat about Latinx allyship, power, and belonging, that goes beyond generic Latinx discussion, brings awareness and understanding of the complexity of the Latinx experience in the workplace, tech, finance, and U.S. The chat will provide employees with differentiated content around real matters or themes that affect the Latinx community and our Allies.


  1. Power and allyship: Underrepresentation can make it difficult for Latinx to achieve their goals and aspirations. And even when companies understand the benefits of greater diversity and inclusion, there is a perception that it will take a long time for change to occur. We can change that with the power of allyship.
  2. Belonging and allyship: Identity is complex and not binary — people can (and do) associate to multiple identities on a spectrum based on gender, race, orientation, etc. This intersectionality is important to recognize not only for those in the Latinx community but for Allies.

Audience take-away:Latinx members can walk away with a strategy or tactic to have conversations with their peers regarding their identity and/or advancing their careers.

Who this is for:Professionals, allies, and companies that welcome individuals and support the attraction, engagement, and growth of their Latinx talent while celebrating the diverse cultures within this community.

What people are saying:“I enjoyed hearing your story today. I am a Latinx ally who is looking for ways to support this awesome community in and outside of work. I really loved your spirit, zeal and candor today. Thank you for spending time with us and helping people like myself learn about your culture, how to help and what to be aware of. You rock!” – LK

Raising Inclusive AI: How to Keep Bias Out

A disruption and innovation workshop.

In this 1-hour workshop and Q&A session, we create an opportunity for individuals to widen their perspective on bias in artificial intelligence (AI). Often the concept of AI gets watered down to the ideology that it is neutral and therefore does not include discussions of race, class, sex, etc. Through this workshop, Lolita discusses the various ways in which AI can both address and amplify bias, using historical and contemporary examples.


  1. AI overview
  2. AI disruption and innovation: We discuss the impact of AI on our personal and professional lives.
  3. Interactive AI and bias group and individual exercise: Through a couple of exercises we witness first-hand how AI can both amplify and address bias
  4. Ensuring inclusive AI: We go over how techie and non-techie people can address and keep bias out.

Audience take-away:Audience members, both technical and non-technical, can walk away curious, with a clear understanding of AI basics, its implications, and tactics to combat bias in AI in and out of work.

Who this is for:Students, employees, and organizations that want to expand their community’s understanding of bleeding-edge technologies, their implications on humanity, and what we can do to make sure tech is inclusive.

What people are saying:“It was great hearing you speak, and briefly meeting you today. Thank you again for sharing your story, your passion, and your leadership counsel. As I’ve said to many who couldn’t join today, you were truly remarkable. Keep serving your passion – you’re having an impact!” – MM

In addition to the above topics and formats, Lolita Taub keynotes on the topics of Diversity in TechFuture of WorkArtificial Intelligence (AI), and Venture Capital.

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