Michelle “Mace” Curran | Leadership Speaker | Los Angeles

Michelle “Mace” Curran is the leading female keynote speaker on high performing leadership team as an Inspirational Speaker to open or close your next event in Los Angeles, California.

  • Are you looking at inspiring you and your teams in a highly effective way?
  • Do you want to understand all of the dynamics involved in overcoming adversity from all sides?
  • Are you a business leader who wants to be inspired so that you get the best results?

This inspirational Keynote talk can help you find out what has been holding you back in the past. They let you unleash your maximum potential and self-confidence.

Michelle "Mace" Curran

Are you looking for effective inspiration and motivation?Michelle “Mace” Curran from Las Vegas is designed to help attendees be recognized, respected and valued. Anyone who is looking for a motivating and inspiring session on overcoming adversity should book Michelle “Mace” Curran.

Michelle “Mace” Curran has over 5 years of experience as an Inspirational Leadership speaker in Los Angeles and hopes to inspire you. She is a global speaker who has credentials that are recognized internationally.

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Michelle “Mace” Curran | Leadership Aviation Speaker | Los Angeles

The keynote speech that you will receive can help you to move your company forward through transformation and diversity to develop team morale. If you are looking to discover your inspiration, mission and purpose with your teams and move toward it, this inspiring keynote is for you.

Get excellent inspiring ideas, motivation and achieving a goal

Travels from: Las Vegas

Speaking Fee:

  • In-Person: $20,000 + Travel contribution of $2,000
  • Virtual: $12,500