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Liza Pavlakos

Liza Pavlakos ran away from home, becoming a homeless and hospitalized teenager. Liza was once a child who suffered abuse.

Thinking she was free from violence; she was kidnapped and almost murdered. Today, she is a survivor. She turned her life around by becoming a businesswoman. She is a mother of five and an international speaker. Join her on her journey to a better experience, learning how, though, courage, choice, and determination, you too can rewrite your story.

Liza Pavlakos’ early life was traumatic, but regardless of the challenges she faced, she turned her life around by becoming a successful entrepreneur.   Today she uses that past to help others by speaking to audiences across the globe, inspiring them to rewrite their personal comeback story.  She is a dedicated philanthropist and the winner of the Super Achievement Award from the 6th World Women’s Leadership Conference.

Liza has spoken at numerous speaking engagements across the world including Win Summit New York in conjunction with Columbia University, HR Congress in Asia, Leadership Conferences in Africa, Superannuation Conference in Australia, Ritz Carlton, Advertising for Qatar Airways, Judging panel for Miss Earth Coronation and many more. 

Liza has a message of optimism to share with the world.  The secret to changing your life begins with the right attitude and mindset. Let her show you that with the right choice, courage, and determination, you can live the life of your dreams.

Inspiring success

Overcoming homelessness, abduction, and abuse to achieving extraordinary success

From homelessness to millionaire entrepreneur

Very early in life, Liza triumphed over daunting challenges. Not only did she courageously get her life back on track, but she also emerged as a self-made millionaire entrepreneur. Liza has been in business for more than 25 years, having built successful companies. She understands the sales, building a brand, and how to turn to make a business profitable. 

Every speaking engagement is different from the next, and so Liza strives to customize each keynote so that each audience member has valuable takeaways.  Liza’s straightforward, well-researched, sessions instill confidence in delegates to strive for excellence, unfazed by obstacles. Liza Pavlakos – Inspirational is devoted to presenting the most captivating and emotional keynote presentation. Her material is on real-life events, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that are proven to reap enormous rewards for your business.

Her presentation will fill your audience with confidence, and the power to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, closers, and communicators your company strives to create.

Below are topics Liza has hand-crafted leveraging her expertise in overcoming adversity and entrepreneurship through riveting, personal and historical storytelling.

Today, she:

  • Delivers captivating motivational speeches
  • Presents dynamic, results-driven keynote addresses, including well-researched, customized keynotes 
  • Offers proficient executive coaching and impactful one-on-one mentoring

Her business achievements

Miss India International pageant: At the age of 23, Liza Pavlakos set up and organized this prestigious pageant, that ran successfully for five years. In its very first year, the event attracted a 4,000-strong audience and generated around $100,000 in ticket sales.

Minibar Piccollo, Melbourne: This restaurant and bar in Melbourne Australia’s central business district and was on the brink of being closed down. But, despite having no formal training or experience in the hospitality industry, Liza’s never-say-die spirit and determination to pick up the fundamentals of running the business transformed the floundering Minibar Piccollo into a flourishing café.

Finest Alterations: Liza’s lack of a background in sewing did not deter the fearless entrepreneur in her from investing in and turning around this small, loss-making clothing alteration and tailoring enterprise into a thriving, five-outlet business with a collective turnover exceeding $1,000,000. Finest Alterations serviced celebrity clients.

Liza Pav the speaker: Liza has spoken all around the world. She was featured on CNN as a thought leader, empowering women to overcome adversity and emerge as successful entrepreneurs.

Her sessions are 

Results-driven sessions

Liza’s straightforward, well-researched, sessions instill confidence in delegates to strive for excellence, unfazed by obstacles.   


Your audience will leave the presentation armed with powerful motivational tools for tapping hidden talents within them. 


Liza Pavlakos – Inspirational will meticulously customize her thought-provoking presentations to suit your company needs.

Heart Warming 

 Liza speaks from the heart and is genuinely engaging. She is easy to work with and accommodating. She will make your audience feel understood. 


Liza’s story is relevant. 


It Begins with Choice

Liza’s proven and thought-provoking sessions are heart-warming while transformational, and through her keynotes, she offers actionable skills, and solutions that work. 

She will inspire your audience through storytelling, showing that, against many odds, they are the masters of their destinies. They will be moved, motivated, and thoroughly enjoy the experience, feeling energized to strive for more success; to stop wishing, and start doing.

As Liza Pavlakos – Inspirational did, to find success, everyone must find the courage to rewrite their story. They must commit to change. They must accept they are brave enough to rewrite their personal history. Then you must choose their path. How will they go about making those changes? There will always be choices to make and once selected; they will need the commitment to see those through.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to generate better self-awareness  
  • Discover how to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Understand the secret to power and vulnerability to instantly align your team for change.
  •  Learn ways to keep yourself in a self-confident, resourceful, and certain mindset all day, every day.
  • How to Develop your passion for your business

Rewrite your comeback story. 

This motivational keynote will inspire audiences to overcome challenges in their business and personal life. 

There is nothing more potent than mastering your mind to overcome any obstacle.

Every skill can be enhanced if you have a positive mentality; that’s what Liza drives home to her audiences.

Through Liza’s presentation, your audience will learn actionable tools to find their mental freedom.

From their time together, Liza wants your audience to come to accept that no mountain is too big and no river too vast. Similarly, they will learn that any obstacle can have the ability to be transformed into opportunities. Your audience will believe in their potential, to replace negative thinking with the acceptance that they can drive positive change. 

Learning Objectives

  • Learn Tools to rewrite your own comeback story
  • Be inspired and motivated to reach your true potential.
  • Discover the F3 Response your brain operates.
  • Learn ways to turn obstacles into opportunities
  • Witness Liza turn fear into action.

HOW WOMEN LEAD: Own Your Destiny. 

This enlightening and highly interactive speech will help women raise their professional games and compete for their dreams. No dream is too big; no goal is unachievable. Liza is devoted to presenting the most captivating and emotional keynote to anyone reaching for excellence in their work. Her material is backed by real-life events, emotional intelligence, and positive psychology that are proven to reap enormous rewards for your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate how to adopt a “Resilient Mindset.”
  • Explore Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
  • Introduce the 3 Essential Principles that drive success.
  • Illustrate the Importance of Failure and Imperfection.
  • Discover the power within.


She was mesmerising. Our staff responded extremely well to her learning session. The audience member gave her a standing ovation. This was amazing to witness. HR CONFERENCE PHILIPPINES

She is one of Australia’s most inspirational speakers. Her story is absolutely gripping. DIRECTOR- CHANEL 9 NEWS AUSTRALIA

She made this year’s convention a great success. She was rated our top speaker. FRONT EDGE CONSULTANCY- SINGAPORE

She inspired me to change my life.  I cannot wait to have the opportunity to hear her speak again. GOVERNORS COLLEGE- AFRICA

 She is not just a motivational speaker, but motivation and inspiration personified, warm and down to earth. She is worth hearing. MARUCHI GLOBAL SOLUTIONS- AFRICA

Inspiring, actionable and insightful for our organisation. She is an example to womanhood. RITZ CARLTON – MALAYSIA

Liza is one woman the entire world needs to hear. She has fantastic skills in connecting to people, she helps people find their self and be a light within using her story as a great learning intervention. 
I have connected to thousands of through my consulting career in Nigeria and across sub-Saharan Africa and no one has immensely impacted my drive for impact creation and life purpose implementation as Liza has done.
PM HUB- South Africa

Based on a survey completed afterword, Liza’s speech ranked the highest rated keynote for the entire event. Liza is a powerful communicator and passionate story teller.WIN SUMMIT NEW YORK

Liza speaks from the heart — and the depths of her soul — relying on her own incredible success to encourage and motivate others to seek higher levels of achievement in their own lives. ANZ BANK AUSTRALIA

Travels from: Sydney, Australia

Fee: $15,000

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