Khalid Machchate is a Moroccan serial techpreneur, international strategic technology consultant and speaker.

Forbes Africa 30 Under 30

He earned his international standing as go-to consultant on Digital Transformation, through his experience and expertise consulting and capacity building for several EMEA multinational corporations and Governments in disruptive technologies integration, specializing in Smart Cities, AI and IoT solutions.

During his years as an entrepreneur and consultant he received over 20 international innovation and leadership awards. All under his privately owned technology group: K&W Technologies.

In 2018, he was invited to speak in 4 continents, and 15 countries, in various summits, forums and seminars, in English, French and Arabic, earning him several global titles including Ashoka Changemaker, World Summit Awards expert, and G20 special policy advisor. Now available to book through Speakers Inc 

As a thought leader he works with multilaterals and development agencies such as G20, World Economic Forum, GIZ, World Bank, UN amongst others to promote equality in opportunity, advocate for SDGs, empower youth, and co-create policies around entrepreneurship, technology adoption and future of work.

Khalid Machchate – African Innovation Ecosystems

Forbes Africa 30 Under 30

Khalid Machchate builds startup ecosystems across Africa that leverage the power of the diaspora, investors and accelerators to help local founders thrive. He formerly served as the Regional Director for DEMO Africa, where he enabled a number of African startups to secure their first contracts and gain access to a network of incubators and financial institutions that have helped to raise 70 million USD in funding support. 

Khalid’s passion for building startup ecosystems in their nascent phases stem from his own journey and success as a startup founder: Skillearn, a blended learning platform he exited later to a large international foundation, as well as SOS Santé, an e-health startup operating on road accident detection and medical emergency information transfer, an internationally recognized IoT product particularly oriented and deployed in the Africa and Middle East regions. 

Skillearn and SOS Santé being some of his innovative technological products for which he developed the first proprietary algorithms and hardware designs, as a software and IoT engineer himself, before he transitioned into full-time CEO and strategic technologist.

Khalid Machchate – Digital Transformation

Overcoming: What Lies Beyond Resilience 

My story is by no means a straight line. From unusual path-crossings, to the occasional disaster, to small victories and big lessons. I give you this tale, whether you’re the type to see the neighbor’s grass always greener, or you’re the type cheering a glass half full. A gift of understanding, self-discovery, confidence and gratitude, on your way to Success and Abundance.

Take it from someone that went from a kid around the block in a small village on the far end of civilization, with no access to opportunities, to a bullied depressed suicidal teenager, to an artist living off his craft, to an engineer and a technology expert, to a global citizen. Take it from someone who lost 2 years of his life between hospitals and shrinks. Take it from someone that lost everything time and time again. I won’t pull any punches, I’ll give it to you straight, and it might go against what you see in other motivational talks. I won’t tell you that “If you dream it, you’ll make it”.

However, if you have the grit and guts to follow through, there’s a silver lining, a light on the end of the tunnel, a not-everybody’s-land where getting up, dusting yourself off and picking up where you left on the road to success becomes a given. A place where nothing can break you, and every challenge makes you stronger.

From Zero to Hero: The 3 Pillars of Success.

My Entrepreneurial journey started as a 21 year old, from public servant parents, studying in public system with less than a 30 dollars-a-month allowance, and stale homemade pizza for breakfast lunch and dinner, that I brought from home to last me a week. It would start smelling a bit by day 4 as I only had a no-freezer small fridge in residential public university, but I still ate it for 2 years, even after I had contracted typhoid fever because of it…

Khalid Machchate – Digital Transformation still managed to create Skillearn, an award winning edtech product, host it on cloud, market it, and hit 5000 active users in 2 months, in these circumstances. I then managed to hire 4 people, get an office for them, and developed SOS Santé, with empty pockets still.

That’s what it means to start from zero: zero money, zero connections, and zero opportunity access.

I will share with you my story, and my secret sauce to how I made it, whether you’re down on your luck and want to get out of that hole you feel you’re trapped in, or you just feel like you haven’t achieved what you always wanted because of lack of resources. I will teach you how to forget “I need capital, and connections, and support to make it”, and start to:

  • Learn By Doing
  • Never Shy of Asking
  • Be resourceful

Khalid Machchate – Digital Transformation

Forbes Africa 30 Under 30

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  • ARAB           Native.
  • FRENCH        Bi-lingual.
  • ENGLISH       Bi-lingual.
  • JAPANESE     Fluent.


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