Kevin Gaskell is available to present as the Business Inspired Leadership keynote speaker to open or close your next Montreal, Canada event and conference.

Mr. Gaskell is a leading Inspired Leadership speaker that delivers keynotes over 150 times per year. Kevin is available to speak at your next Montreal, Canada event and conference. Kevin has been speaking professionally for over 20 years. His keynote and workshop topics include motivation, leadership, strategy, mindset and more. 

By working with Kevin, you are guaranteed a seasoned speaking professional that will make your event a success. Kevin brings energy and positivity to each of his presentations for your audience.

Kevin has presented keynote presentations around the globe to some of the largest organizations in the world including OMW, Google UK, BMW, Unilever & More. Learn more about why Kevin Gaskell is the right Leadership keynote speaker for your next Montreal, Canada event and conference.

Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell is a recognized expert in professional and personal thought leadership. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, transformational leader and business mentor, he guides individuals and businesses to capitalize on change and magnify their impact from his experience of being the CEO for BMW and Porsche, Europe.

His unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies to embrace change, encourage innovation and increase sales for people and organizations worldwide. Kevin Gaskell inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth, whether it be as a keynote speaker, facilitating corporate workshops or mentoring individual.

A leading international keynote speaker, Kevin has reached thousands worldwide with his message of INSPIRED LEADERSHIP as the competitive edge in the face of today’s complex markets. Kevin is a sought-after business motivational catalyst who inspires, empowers and guides organizations and individuals to create sustainable, high-performance strategies. Through Kevin’s keynotes, he helps leaders embrace change, cultivate work cultures of greater unity and resilience, as well as strengthen their voice as purpose driven leaders.

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There are plenty of reasons to visit Montreal. From dynamic festivals and delicious food to the fascinating history and vibrant arts and culture scene, they all give the city a lot of its character. Here are 10 of the most compelling reasons why you should visit this unforgettable Canadian city.


With nearly 100 multi-day events per year, Montreal is truly a city of festivals. From music to art to literature, cinema, dance, and more, there’s almost always something exciting happening in the city. You’ll want to check out the Quartier des Spectacles, in particular, a zone close to downtown Montreal dedicated to hosting festivals and entertainment throughout the year. The Quartier des Spectacles is composed of multiple open spaces, including both indoor and outdoor stages. One of the city’s most celebrated events is the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the largest of its kind in the world.

Quartier des Spectacles, Montreal | © art_inthecity/Flickr


Montrealers are known for their eclectic style, and the city offers a wide variety of retail destinations to match. You can start at the Eaton Centre mall downtown, and then head west along Rue Sainte-Catherine and wander through the more than 1,200 upscale chain stores, department stores, and boutiques that line the street. The city is also home to great vintage shopping opportunities, especially along Boulevard Saint-Laurent—all the way from Chinatown to Mile End.

Underground City

Similarly, you can keep shopping to your heart’s content even in the long winter months that make up the downside of Montreal’s reputation. The city’s solution to the sub-zero weather has been to create a multi-level network of shops, businesses, restaurants, schools, hotels, concert halls, and more that follows over 20 miles (32 kilometers) of metro stations. Essentially, with the Underground City, you don’t ever have to go outside if you don’t want to.

Kevin travels from: London, UK

Speaking fee: $15,000 – $25,000