Kevin Daley is an accomplished speaker and the award-winning author of I Never Stopped Smiling.

A former 10-year captain and leader of the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters, Kevin “Special K” Daley quickly became a fan favorite worldwide and is now considered one of the greatest Globetrotters’ leaders of all time. Throughout his legendary career as Showman “Special K,” Kevin has been featured in hundreds of news publications and on TV shows, internationally. He has also been seen in more than a dozen TV commercials, including the favorite of Michael Jordan, himself, where Kevin played the double for Jordan in Gatorade’s number one commercial of all time

Kevin has traveled to more than 95 countries and has also touched and inspired the lives of many worldwide. He believes in helping others to help themselves and has also authored a goal-setting workbook entitled Never Stop Your Goals to do just that. Now, the highly anticipated 1 plus one = 10 —a leadership masterpiece already creating a buzz in the business community—will be out in stores before the end of the year.   

As a native of Panama City, Panama, Kevin spent a few years as part of the Panamanian National basketball team. He is fluent in both Spanish and English, and he has traveled the globe sharing his message in both languages. In his new season Kevin trains, motivates and inspires organizations, associations and senior executives using his proven S.M.I.L.E.S. Leadership Formula. He recognizes his family as his main source of inspiration.

Most Requested Keynotes and Workshops


Kevin wants to make sure he meets your organization’s specific objectives. All Keynotes are tailored for your group. Below, you will find his most requested dynamic keynotes. This, along with other programs, can be mixed and matched to make the presentation an even more fantastic experience and a great investment for your organization.



Bringing together his life story, leadership, and experiences, Kevin uses his S.M.I.L.E.S. Leadership Formula to help his clients achieve high-level results in their personal and professional lives.


is an acronym for

SynergizeMotivateImpactLead, Empower, and Smile.  


  •  How to articulate the critical communication techniques used by high-performing leaders and teams; 
  • How to include your key team members in your vision to make it their own;
  • The keys to creating a positive impact in life and in business;    
  • How to be a leader that inspires greatness in others;
  • How to make certain your team is having the time of their lives being successful;
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