Keith Herman – Technology Innovation is a leading authority on business growth and a public speaker who is sought out globally for his powerful and authentically unique keynote speeches. Every time he takes the stage, his intention above all is to deliver a meaningful and memorable experience for all.

He delivers from the heart, as he shares personal and relatable experiences of challenges, tragedies and triumphs providing insight, wisdom, and hope. Each speech is story-based, inspirational and motivational. Therefore, the audience becomes enthralled, educated and entertained.

Mr. Herman insists, to achieve success one must “chop wood and carrying water”, a lot of it! In other words, it is absolutely necessary to do the best work possible for as long as it takes in order to succeed. Similarly, he believes wisdom shortens the journey.

For these reasons, he rose into leadership roles accepting more responsibilities and obligations and as a result was able to garner more and more business success. Book now through Speakers Inc

Within every speech, exists elements of unity, cooperation, collaboration, potentiality and a call to action. Most noteworthy, as a true leader he illuminates the tools for success and their instructions. The result, self-improvement and self-empowerment become possible because of this new awareness. Similarly, the barrier to action diminishes thereby making success more easily achievable

A world-renowned expert in business growth, disruptive technology and innovation, Keith implements story based leadership to share his experiences on success through communication, attitude, teambuilding and empowerment.

“When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

“With an open mind, your audience will learn more than facts, figures and tactics. They will absorb valuable insights and energy from a lifelong student and experienced leader leaving inspired & empowered!”

Mr. Herman, founder of IPA Equities, is a serial entrepreneur and advocate for disruptive and innovative blockchain technologies. He has owned and created more than 50 businesses in 6 different industries primarily in the fields of technology, finance, media and real estate.

During the course of his business ventures notable partnerships have included Citigroup, Merrill Lynch, Chase, National Life Group, Private Venture & Equity Funds, and Family Offices. Additionally, he has architected, incubated and successfully scaled more than 10 startups.

Over the course of his illustrious career he has raised over $500 Million for his ventures and represented more than 200 technology companies. Cumulatively, they raised hundreds of millions of dollars and forged countless strategic partnerships with funding sources and major global corporations, both public and private. In aggregate, he has been involved in over $2 Billion of transactions.

With a unique ability to create strategic partnerships for strategic advantage and to attract capital for scaling businesses, he utilizes debt and equity to leverage capital to consistently produce returns far in excess of industry standards. He also has years of leadership experience acquiring, managing and leading top talent.

Mr. Herman is highly sought after internationally to speak on the topics of Leadership, Business Growth, Disruptive Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrency, Investing, Raising Capital, Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Startups. He presents to various audiences including fortune 100 & 500 companies, prominent Founders, C-Level Executives, VC & PE Firms, Family Offices, Developers & Professionals. He also regularly sits as a judge for tech startup pitch competitions alongside VCs, PE Firms and Tech Development Firms.

Mr. Herman engages with forward thinking technology companies interested in changing people’s lives and facilitating positive change in the world. He is available for select business engagements, as an advisor, worldwide speaking engagements and as a startup judge.

Speech Topics Include:

  • Blockchain Technologies (various aspects)
  • Transformative, Innovative & Disruptive Technologies
  • The Future of Identity Verification & Management
  • How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies ICO, IEO, STO, IPO?
  • Finding the Right Offering
  • How to Pitch Your Startup
  • How to Raise Capital – Private Equity, VCs & Accredited Investors
  • The Value of Media Exposure – It’s Not for Everyone!
  • The Process to Scaling a Business
  • How to Build Equity & Prepare to Exit a Business
  • How to Lead Your Team to Victory Through Empowerment Mindfulness in the Workplace

Business Mastermind Clip

Keith Herman – Technology Innovation shares his history with a private elite mastermind group and discusses business growth. He also talks about business basics and gives examples on how to build a business and strategies to implement to fuel growth. Additionally, he provides easy to grasp examples and also covers raising capital, business relationships and more.    


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Travels from: Los Angeles, CA

Speaking fee: from $25,000 – $40,000