Karolina Sky is able to motivate, inspire and create self awareness and become a trusted life coach, keynote and motivational speaker.

Born in Poland and raised in South Africa, Karolina first experience of manging a public profile platform came from being placed in the top five of the Miss South Africa Pageant and winning the very first coveted title of Miss Veet Legs South Africa.

The latter allowed me to represent the brand in various capacities, from an exclusive yearlong Veet media campaign, and brand ambassador to public speaker and motivator at the Veet countrywide road show workshops for young girls.

This boosted my modelling career significantly and I went on to become the face and legs of many international brands.

Some of these include Revlon’s Divine perfume, SA’s official Lara Croft model as well as the face for Africa’s BIC Soleil range, alongside SA rugby player, Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira.

In addition, I graced the inserts of countless magazines, and participated in numerous fashion shows, both locally and abroad, as a runway model.

Combined with her public profile platform, experience as a model in image and creating your own brand, communication, PR and public speaking skills, and expert knowledge in the field of psychology.

Karolina’s expert talks on personality dynamics, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, self-image and self-perception, limiting beliefs.

How to cope effectively out of your comfort zone, understanding and channelling potential, how to embrace, love and understand your true self, grooming, health, fitness and beauty, self fulfilling prophecies, holistic overall wellness, personal branding and self-presentation has a valuable place in all and any corporation.

More Than Just A Pretty Face

This boosted her modelling career significantly and Karolina went on to become the face and legs of many international brands one of them being Revlon’s Divine perfume, SA’s official Lara Croft model as well as the face for Africa’s BIC Soleil range alongside SA rugby player, Tendai ‘The Beast’ Mtawarira.

In addition, she graced the inserts of countless magazines; participated in numerous fashion shows, both locally and abroad, as a runway model.

Breaking Into Broadcasting

Karolina Sky completed her BA in communications with distinctions in communications, journalism and psychology, adding these skills to her previously completed training in TV presenting, undertaken with Nadia Bilchik, and acting and TV presenting, undertaken with Brumhilda van Rensburg.

During the same period she branched out into acting, with appearances in a number of music videos including ‘Tornado’ by Mandoza, ‘Runaway’ by Mark Beiling, ‘Pretty Thing’ by Evolver and ‘Magdalena’ by Adam Davis and ‘Living Next Door to Alice’ by Nicholis Louw and Heinz Winkler to mention a few.

All this perfectly positioned Karolina to take up numerous on-screen roles over the years.

These included a Sex In The City promotion on then Channel Go TV, presenting TV inserts and in 2011 starring in Andre Scholtz’s feature film, Rainbow Skellums, which marked her official acting debut.

Karolina has also appeared as a guest on various TV shows over the years most recently on channel ANN7’s “I am South African” TV show.

Karolina Sky

Always A Professional

This varied entertainment industry experience, including valuable time spent honing her interviewing and public speaking skills, provided Karolina Sk with a solid base to work from when running her own events company, Runway Projects for 10 years specialising in PR and event management as well as Sky Communications which focuses on corporate communications, brand management and PR.

She has succeeded in implementing & managing national events & PR strategies, national cosmetic & store launches, media relations and marketing communications strategies for various client as well as being in the forefront as a presenter & brand ambassador, allowing her a holistic understanding of the industry.

Karolina believes in continuous learning and that we are all forever students in our journey of life. Karolina Sky has always had a passion to help people and to understand the psychology of people, Thus she pursued an honours degree in Psychology and further studied to obtain a specialised postgraduate degree in BPsych Psychometrics (the objective measurement of skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence, abilities and attitudes).

Karolina Sky has been working in the corporate sector for over 13 years.

Her studies, many years of entrepreneurial, corporate and people based experiences, offer a very unique approach to her basket of specialized offerings and has afforded her with a hands-on understanding of people.

Being the entrepreneur she is, Karolina Sky founded KR Consulting, which is a combined knowledge base consultancy of psychometrics, coaching and psychology based services.

KRC offers businesses and individuals a specialized service in profiling peoples cognition such as their personality, potential, strengths, emotional intelligence and development areas.

Karolina Sky Rafalski holds accreditation certificates in an array of internationally accredited psychometric tools as well as assessments specifically designed and normed for the African market and culture, making them reliable and valid.

Karolina also offers individual one on one coaching sessions as well as tailor made workshops that can focus on an array of facets ranging from emotional intelligence, leadership skills to personality dynamics.

Perfecting The Balancing Act

Today Karolina is a mother, a wife, a business women and entrepreneur, she aspires to touch peoples lives, motivate and create positive change. She especially loves to instil vision and hope in the eyes of women.


  • Personality Dynamics: Your personality and sales; Personality and building client relationships; personality and your company culture; communication-personality type and how you communicate; personality and conflict styles;
  • understanding your personality; personality types and team dynamics; team building (Karolina is internationally accredited in using the MBTI personality assessment tool).
  • Personality assessments may be administered before the workshops providing grounds for a detailed personalised workshop.
  • Emotional intelligence is key to being successful.
  • Talks about understanding emotional intelligence; stress; successful leadership; achieving goals. (Karolina is internationally accredited in using the EQ-I Emotional intelligence tool).
  • Personal Branding: personal branding and self-presentation; improve your public image; creating proud brand ambassadors; improving communication skills.
    • Self-esteem and your self-fulfilling prophecy, self-image and self-perception.
    • How to cope effectively out of your comfort zone.
    • Grooming, health, fitness and beauty.
    • Image: self-image, limiting beliefs, self-confidence, self talk- your inner voice and how to look and feel good about yourself, holistic overall wellness.
  • Motivational talks for young girls and women.
  • Team building workshops with the optional use of the latest assessment tools.
  • Tailored workshops/talks according to clients request.


I offer custom designed workshops for corporates in various sectors such as for a sales staff, front desk, call centre teams, executives etc.

With the use of profiling peoples cognition such as their personality, potential and strengths, and development areas I can custom make interactive, thought provoking and positive change provoking workshops.

Karolina Sky can map the teams personality profiles and point out where communication problems may arise, why there is misunderstanding and a lack of understanding in the organisational culture as well as with potential clients.

By the end of the workshop the teams see and understand themselves as well as their colleagues in a whole new light. With the use of EQ (emotional intelligence) assessments I can identify various limiting beliefs as well as strengths. I am also a certified life coach and may offer further one on one coaching should you require this.


  • Increased public and brand image
  • A unified and productive company culture
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased turnover
  • Attract and retain like-minded quality team
  • Attract clients
  • Increased employer participation
  • Increased self awareness and areas of personal growth and development
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased communication and relationship building skills“People are an organisation’s largest asset and also their biggest challenge.

Karolina Sky strives to give you and your staff members the tools to identify your unique potential and talents as well as understand personality types and how to identify communication barriers and use your unique strengths to create and maintain important business relationships in order for your business to succeed…

Your most crucial business asset are your employees.” Karolina

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