Joni Peddie is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach and Strategic Facilitator, and is determined to enable people to build skills, awareness and capabilities in the various dimensions of resilience and wellbeing.

As a Behaviourial Strategist, Joni is the CEO of the business called Resilient People

Joni, focuses her work in the field of Mental & Emotional Resilience as well as Wellbeing in the workplace. The people that she deals with, are generally stress-rich, time-poor and suffer ‘decision-fatigue’.

Joni’s first book is called “The FAB Quotient” and she is busy writing her 2nd book called “5 specific and practical ways to BOOST your Resilience”

Joni speaks at conferences, which are now on larger ‘virtual’ platforms and facilitates team meetings (also virtually) on a variety of topics including: “performance issues / harnessing change / building Trust / EQ & Neuro-Leadership enablers ”.

Joni Peddie loves the outdoors and being active: hiking, trail or road running. She has 5 Comrades Marathons, and 6 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons under her belt.

Joni’s pride, joy and ‘true delight’ in her life are her two daughters. The youngest is at Stellenbosch University, and the eldest having finished a Post Grad Degree at GIBS, is now working with Joni.

Joni Peddie’s addressed these topics , both simply and practically in her first book: The FAB Quotient. FAB is an acronym: enabling people to mindfully adjust the three main pillars of resilience and health:

Fuelling your body, Activating your brains & Behaviour : towards Self and Others!

Joni’s busy writing her 2nd book: SLEEP is The Swiss Army Knife of Health.

In addition, Joni facilitates EQ Workshops for Teams and uses the widely acclaimed ‘Vital Signs’ Internationally recognised Assessment (from Six Seconds, based in Dubai) to drive Culture and Climate Change in Organisations.

Besides facilitating organisational culture change, team performance workshops; speaking at conferences and writing books, Joni is an avid trail & road runner with 5 Comrades, and 6 Two Oceans Ultra Marathons under her belt.

As a Behavioural Strategist, Joni Peddie fascination lies in meeting and working with people from around the world. She is based in South Africa and loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures.

Luckily her hubbie, Gavin shares the same interests and they choose off-beat places, both locally & internationally to travel to each year. Joni’s pride, joy and ‘delight in life’ are her two daughters, both studying. The youngest is at Stellenbosch University, and the eldest is doing her Post Grad at GIBS.

Joni Peddie | Team Performance Strategist | Johannesburg



These are Key Note Talks and full day Workshops – tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.

  • Resilience Assessment Tool
    focusing on 4 dimensions : Body, Emotions, Mind & Purpose
  • Resilience: 8 powerful ways to RECHARGE
    in a World of turbulence, stress and complexity
  • Neuro-leadership : Brain-Fog to Brain-Fit
    …ways in which to improve critical thinking and creativit
    Cognitive Flexibility
    … a necessary skill in times of turbulence and change

Mental Wellbeing:

  • Energy Management is the new Stress Management
    … ‘Stress’ is not the enemy. Here are ways to embrace and handle it
  • Pragmatic Neuro-leadership techniques for sleep
    … sleep is inextricably linked to mental wellbeing
  • Mindfulness Techniques
    … Ways to calm your brain in a world of overwhelm
  • 9 Science-backed ways to reduce stress
    … Work smart. Be smart. Live smart.


These are Key Note Talks and full day Workshops – tailored to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Human Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence
    … how to navigate the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • IQ, EQ and Personality
    … three vastly different ‘systems’. What can you develop?
  • Team (& Organisation’s ) Vital Signs :

… The 5 Drivers: Teamwork, Change, Execution, Motivation & Trust

  • Brain Profiles:
    … How does your brain FOCUS (rational or Emotional); Make Decisions (Evaluative or Innovative)  & Drive you ( Practical or Idealistic)?


These are Key Note Talks and full-day Workshops – Joni Peddie tailors these to the theme of your Conference & to address the needs of your Organisation.’ above the rest of the content

  • The Enneagram Personality System
    … Know Yourself, play to your strengths and work more effectively  with Others
  • The Enneagram Spidergram for your entire team
    … ways in which to leverage the diverse styles in the team
  •  The Enneagram and more effective communication
    … be authentic and communicate in your ‘style’ to boost relationships
  • The Enneagram and conflict resolution
    … there are nine way of solving problems ; seeing perspectives and influencing one another
  • The Enneagram and ways to apologise
    … there are nine ways to apologise. Do this will thought, clarity and sincerity.
Topics Covered
  • Resilience
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • EQ
  • Enneagram
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