John Sanei is a futures strategist who combines human behaviour and future studies to create keynotes, masterclasses and books that help people, businesses and brands build the courage and clarity they need to forge the future they want.

Driven by the real world, by humanity and ‘the now’, as a Futures Strategist I make sense of the challenging world of the future and merge it in a way that gives an audience the clarity to forge forward with confidence.

At the intersection of human science, neuro science, quantum technology, futurism and business strategy I’m fascinated with data, detail and insights.

By unlocking new perspectives our eyes are opened and we share a clearer vision of tomorrow.

It’s a fast-changing world and business leaders, entrepreneurs and go-getters can leverage their chances of success, profitability and building a robust culture by incorporating the future into their strategic thinking.

As a specialist on future trends I’ve travelled virtually, locally and internationally as a keynote speaker and presenter of my masterclasses, making meaningful connections,

Aligning audiences with global patterns and unlocking opportunities that are collaborative rather than competitive.

My keynote talks have received global recognition and I’m honoured to be Africa’s first Singularity University in San Francisco faculty member, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education in Johannesburg, as well as an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies in Denmark.

Over the years, it’s been my privilege to share a stage with several internationally-acclaimed speakers, including Simon Sinek, Robin Sharma and Yuval Harari.

I’ve also authored four bestsellers, and this year I’ll complete my fifth, fulfilling my goal to write one book a year to stay on top of global trends.




A keynote for dynamic organisations.

Develop purpose as a behaviour.


Rather than a cleverly crafted mission statement on a reception wall with the purpose of inspiring employees,  this engagement deciphers how we develop our own skills as building blocks and instill them within organisations. We re-frame the age-old question ‘What is my purpose?’, in a space and time when what has come before is defunct and what is to come is unknown.

Based on extensive research into Futures, Business Strategy, Human Behaviour and Psychology we’ll unravel the enigma of our role, as business leaders, entrepreneurs or managers, how we find meaning when the pillars of what we have known has shifted and what we do with this newly-acquired knowledge.


+ Break free from the pre-conditioned surplus society psychology.

+ Understand actual value generation.

+ Learn how to develop a mindset of maturity to enable the shift to embrace the digital age while heightening creativity.

+ Learn why curiosity is a valuable commodity.

+ Recognize what entrepreneurship means moving forward.

+ Understand the importance of developing strong human connections and how they can differentiate you.


A keynote for dynamic organisations.

Understand and shape your future.

Becoming comfortable with the unknown is no longer a privilege of choice but a necessity. As we leap into our FutureNext, agility and clarity of self is vital to ensure our abundant tomorrow.  Don’t be afraid to start over again, you may like your new story better. In this keynote, I take you through the necessary steps of taking the emotions-of-now to prepare for tomorrow.


  • Understand the moment and prepare for life as you now know it to be
  • Focus your energy on what you want
  • Follow your curiosity and find your wisdom


*Transforming at constant pace into the unknown future.

For dynamic organisations.

Shift perspectives.

As we endure the greatest transformation of our time, continuously questioning  every aspect of life, we need to cultivate deliberate focal points to fundamentally shift our people and organisations. In this keynote, I introduce you to researched insights, that will help you reveal, rethink and re-imagine your possible futures and develop courage to move towards a life free from obscurity.


  • Understand the neuroscience behind emotional blocks we carry
  • Identify biases and assumptions leaders hold and learn from organisations of the future on how to best build successful teams.
  • Shift your organisation’s behaviour and develop metrics for failure and success for the road-map ahead.
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