Jim Carroll | Futurist Trends Speaker | Ontario

Jim Carroll

Jim Carroll is the world’s leading global futurists, trends, and innovation experts, with a massive global blue-chip client list. Over the last 25 years, more than 2 million people have shared his insight at his events.

Jim’s global client list gives him a front-row seat to the high-velocity change that is occurring as disruption comes to take hold of every industry and every organization. With that insight, and the customized research that he undertakes for every engagement, he helps to transform growth-oriented organizations into high-velocity innovation heroes!

Jim delivers highly customized, industry-specific insight and leadership guidance virtually from his broadcast studio that features multiple stage sets, full virtual interaction, delivered with his compelling motivational style; or on stage at events worldwide.

He has been invited in by NASA (twice) to share his insight on the future of the space industry; by Disney, to advise on new strategies for creativity and innovation; by the PGA of America for his thoughts on how to accelerate the golf industry; by Pfizer for insight on the future of medical science; by the World Bank for his thoughts on opportunities for economic development; and by the Wall Street Journal for his perspective on disruptive trends. Among countless others…

Jim has shared his insight at the top tier of the global meetings industry, with events that have included Leonard Nimoy (“Spock” of Star Trek), President George W. Bush, the late Carrie Fisher (“Princess Leia” of Star Wars), Terry Bradshaw of the NFL, Biz Stone (founder of Twitter), Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, Astronauts Scott Kelly (last pilot of the Space Shuttle), Buzz Aldrin of Apollo 11 and ISS Commander Chris Hadfield, business leaders Jack Welch of GE and Roger Goodall, the Commissioner of the NFL, actors Robert DeNiro, Goldie Hawn & Forest Whittaker, and Lee Trevino and Bubba Watson of golf, among others.


  • Jim doesn’t do canned work
  • He encourages you to call him to discuss your event
  • His first question for you will be “what do you need to accomplish?”
  • He begins to customize his presentation based on those requirements
  • He does this through extensive, customized research
  • He combines this with insight from his continual trends tracking and analysis
  • The insight is enhanced by 25 years of stage presentations and trends research

Jim Carroll | Futurist Trends Speaker | Ontario



In early January 2022, you will bring together your leadership team for yet another video conference, as you discuss your plans for moving forward.


A highly customized keynote, built on a variety of potential themes, designed to accelerate your imagination, ignite your creativity and turn your innovation engine on. Explore these potential keynote topics to start planning for your own event. 


Jim is a widely recognized industry expert – in multiple different industries! Spend some time to explore the keynote topic descriptions that can be used to accelerate your thinking for a keynote for your event or leadership meeting. Jim will undertake extensive consultation with you on your event and customize to your particular needs.


We have a new vocabulary! Self-driving cars, 3d printing, crowdfunding, the sharing economy, blockchains, personal drones, swarmbots, smart dust, vertical farms, Internet of Things, cognitive computing, smart factories, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, quantum computing, intelligent farms, smart clothing!  What seemed to be science fiction just a few short years ago has become a reality today, as time compresses and the future accelerates.

Jim leadership keynote will align you to your disruptive, accelerating future by providing detailed, specific industry trends – not motivational fluff. And yet even so, it’s powerful leadership insight delivered in a compelling and motivational style!

No doubt, as you search for someone for your event, you’ve seen a zillion speakers. And let’s face it, few of them will offer up the highly customized, heavily researched insight that Jim Carroll will offer you. It’s hard to cut through the noise to find what you are looking for – how to align to a world that is faster, more complex, and post-pandemic, demands resilience.


Jim Carroll | Futurist Trends Speaker | Ontario

TRAVELS FROM: Guelph, Ontario

Speaking Fee: $30,000 – $50,000

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