Jeanette Bronée is a global keynote and 2 time TEDx speaker, who focuses on rethinking self-care to access our human potential and fuel performance, leadership, and culture from the inside out. She shows leaders how to create a well-being culture as the foundation for sustainable personal and professional success. As a mindset coach and certified mindfulness and mind-body health practitioner, she shows her audience how to redefine resilience by using The Self-Care Mindset® to harness change by becoming more aware, adaptable, and agile.

After both her parents died of cancer just one year apart and a doctor told her it was only a matter of when she would get cancer, too, she quit her high-stress job as a burned-out fashion executive and founded Path for Life® in 2004 with the goal of creating awareness around preventing burnout in the work-place and giving people the tools to achieve better work/life quality.

For the past 18 years, she has coached leaders to take better care of themselves, so they can be both healthy and busy, and lead their teams to work better together. 

Her focus on cultivating a well-being culture through Care-Driven Leadership® helps companies build a Culture of Care® where people belong and work better together.

Born in Denmark, she holds a master’s degree in business development and marketing and she has been leading teams to growth, through harnessing our human advantage to care and innovate. In the retail industry, she has developed and facilitated training programs to align culture strategy with brand story and her deep passion is for everyone to have the tools to access their inner resources and reconnect with their inner fuel to harness performance without burnout.

She holds certifications as an Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Health® Coach, Felt Sense Focusing Trainer, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, and Ericksonian Hypno-Therapist. (Don’t worry she doesn’t do tricks.)

When she is not working to help people and companies change the way they think so they can connect, communicate and collaborate better together, she lives in the Catskill Mountains with her dog Maya. This is where you can find her riding her motorcycle in the summer or skiing in the winter. She is always curious about how we can cultivate more healthy communities, especially at work, so that everyone learns the tools of self-care, grow, thrive, and build a better culture together.

Her new book The Self-Care Mindset®: How We Change And Grow, Harness Well-Being, And Reclaim Work-Life Quality is available for pre-order.

She is an inspirational human performance and wellbeing culture keynote speaker on the topic of why we need to rethink self-care and redefine resilience to adapt to change and harness our humanness so that we can perform at our best, navigate constant change, and grow, without burning out.


Rethinking self-care at work to navigate change and harness growth.

The world has changed, work has changed, and we have changed, but our relationship with self-care at work has not. And let’s face it, it’s not working.

What if we have self-care all wrong? What if instead of thinking that being human is a problem to fix, we recognize that we are a possibility to harness?

Rethinking self-care at work to protect and harness our most important resource, our humanity, we recognize the inclusive power of wellbeing as the foundation for how we work, access the best of our human skills, and build a stronger work culture, together.

The Self-Care Mindset® gives us the tools to cut through the overwhelm, manage stress, prevent burnout, AND perform at our best. This is how we build work-life quality, so we can thrive and reach our full potential, personally and professionally

In this session, we will discuss and deep-dive into the three aspects of how we THINK, ENGAGE, and ACT with care by learning how to use Power-Pausing to unlock our ability to connect, communicate, and collaborate with CARE.

Rethinking self-care means breaking up the myths of self-care, turning it upside down and inside out to achieve the kind of well-being foundation that cultivates high performance and a culture where people belong, and work better, together.

What We Care About Grows Us Stronger: Be the leader your team deserves and your company needs.

What if the future of leadership is based on truly understanding what drives us a human-beings as the foundation for creating better results? Where the best leaders ask better questions and lead with care, driven by curiosity, leading towards clarity and cultivating courage.

Leadership is changing and we need to change our communication to change with it.

For leadership to work better it needs to be human-driven, process-driven, and support driven. Supporting people and teams in being at their best by creating a culture of trust, empathy and authenticity.

Leadership is no longer about managing people to produce results; it’s about understanding what drives us as human beings and what we need so that we can produce results.

Let’s stop making people-driven leadership a guessing game and start asking the questions that give people agency because we have the tools to be our best selves.

Care-driven leadership is based on asking better questions, using the care-model: curiosity, acknowledgement, respect, and empathy to cultivate better connection, communication and collaborate by engaging in conversations that build trust, support and activate our human potential.

Leadership from the inside out is how we can harness our human advantage and cultivate both personal and professional success, because we CARE.

Work Better Together: How a wellbeing culture is the foundation for peak performance, growth & sustainable success.

The world is talking about a wellbeing economy so how do companies function as an eco-system of relationships that foster a Culture of Care® where people connect, belong, and work better?

Self-care is no longer a personal problem, it’s a culture possibility because stress is contagious and so is wellbeing.

The care ripple effect is when we care for ourselves, so that we can care better about others, and collectively we can care better about and for our clients and customers.

A Culture of Care® is focused on rethinking self-care as a a tool for peak-performance, engagement, and achieving results, without running on survival mode headed towards burnout, but rather running on CARE-mode: confidence, agility, resilience, and empowerment.

A care-driven culture is a culture that works better together, because it’s inclusive of our diverse human needs and fosters a work-culture driven by connection, communication, and collaborate. Belonging happens when we care together.

A care-driven culture is a key factor in being on the edge of the competition, innovation, and harnessing change in the future of work.

Imagine A Culture Of Pausing, What Could Change? Cut through the noise, take back your time, and harness change.

What if resilience is not about pushing through and success is not about working harder but instead it’s about pausing on purpose so that we can work better, together?

Keeping up with technology and the speed of work, we have lost the connection with not only each other, but also ourselves. In our modern digitally driven, hybrid work-life, we are losing the balance we used to have (if we had found it) between work and life and the human connection that nourished our work-culture. Now we must focus on cultivating work-life quality, not just so we can survive the speed and future of work, but rather so that we can harness change and rethink resilience, by becoming more aware, adaptable, and agile and reconnecting with what helps us thrive, our human connection.

Power-pausing is a simple tool with a huge impact on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing as well as our professional success and health of our work culture.

Taking a pause to care is how we can THINK, ENGAGE & ACT with more intent and purpose as individuals, teams, and leaders to cultivate essential leadership skills of listening, accessing our EQ and communicate with empathy. It’s also how we as a culture can activate our collective growth mindset because when we Power-Pause we can connect, communicate, and collaborate with care.

Imaging a culture of pausing, what could change?

Unstress: How to stop stressing & start working better by transforming your inner critic into your inner coach

What if stress and burnout doesn’t come from working too much, but rather from worrying too much? We have so many questions every day and most of them unproductive and we end up getting stuck in thoughts that drains our energy, sucks up our creativity, and wear us out. What if stress is not the problem, but rather the possibility for growth? The way our mind works is either working for us or against us, depending on how we ask questions of ourselves.

The Right Why® is a process of getting unstuck and using productive self-questioning to move from stress to problem solving, from confusion to clarity, and from fear and anxiety to courage and confidence. Using elements from The Self-Care Mindset® we can hone in on how we support ourselves in becoming more resilient and master stress to work for us.

Let’s get to know our mind better so that it can work for us rather than against us.

The Future of Humanity at Work: Rethinking self-care to cultivate an anti-burnout culture, where people work better together.

What’s on your mind? What’s the challenge you and your team need to overcome?

Jeanette Bronée | Personal Wellness | Peak Performance


  • Executives
  • Leaders and Team Leaders
  • Teams
  • Creatives and creative teams.
  • Small companies and entrepreneurs that rely heavily on every team-member being at their best.
  • Entrepreneurs who are running themselves into the ground, to get their company off the ground.
  • Employees working in high performance companies, that need the tools to give work their best instead of their all.


  • Teams that struggle with performance burn-out, poor productivity and engagement, who want to grow resilient in a healthy way.
  • Leaders and managers, who want to support a culture that is high performing, while still being mindful of keeping a healthy and happy work-force.
  • Leaders, who want to foster a culture that is connected, curious and engaged and therefore fuels courage, creativity and innovation.


  • Leaders will understand how to avoid burnout and increase performance, productivity, attention and focus, while nourishing an environment that fosters engagement, innovation, and creativity.
  • Awareness of why changing the mindset that keeps us stuck in poor performance, stress and burnout is the foundation for growth.
  • Tools to implement and create immediate change to the structure of how they work.
  • Team leaders will come away with specific action-steps to create a culture change that will help prevent burnout, engage employees, increase productivity and lower talent-loss and absenteeism.


Keynotes and training programs help leaders and teams learn the self-skills to prevent burnout so they can reach a higher level of personal and professional performance, innovation, growth. Companies get the framework for creating a culture that’s more inclusive, engaging, and care-driven to cultivate better connection, communication, and collaboration. The focus is to leave with tools to harness the human advantage by rethinking the process of achieving results, create impact, and sustainable sustainable success, without sacrificing our health and personal lives. 

Employees have found they are more productive because they know how to manage their energy, focus, and attention and also gain more work-satisfaction because they have agency over their own employee experience.

Leaders have found they are better able to support their teams in growth and innovation through better communication and collaboration.

It is my focus to provide an experience that’s packed with accessible and inspirational tools that spark motivation, feed our hunger for success, and fuel performance, without stress and burnout. The goal is to nourish your work-culture so that everyone can work healthy and finish the day happy, with energy to spare. 

Let’s create a culture where everyone is thriving. Of course you want that. The question is not if, the question is when?

Travels from: New York, NY

Speaking fees: from $20,000 – $30,000