For over 20 years, James R. Elliot has been an accomplished and sought-out leader and trainer in the fields of leadership persuasion, communication speaker, confidence, influence and rapport.

Plus, I have had my own incredible transformational life journey.

In the past I had issues with communication, authority, gaining trust quickly, and confidently contributing and expressing myself – not to mention standing up for myself. I wasn’t being seen, heard, valued nor respected and I wasn’t doing what I loved.

This is all a thing of the past from both my own personal transformation and the tools and trainings I have learned during my incredible journey, in my work, my personal development and in my relationships.

I have the tools and experience to guide you and empower the people I love to serve, and help you manage fear, anxiety and overwhelm, take action and eliminate any persistent limiting beliefs about yourself.

I can teach you how to do this, because I did it! This is not just “what I do,” this is who I am!

James Elliot is an entrepreneur, speaker, corporate trainer, and international best selling author. He has worked with companies like IBM, Remax, Manulife, Allstate and other organizations of all sizes.

He has helped companies dramatically increase sales & productivity by improving employee engagement and employee productivity with sustainable systems.

James specializes in corporate trainings for medium and large- sized firms on communication , team building,focus and productivity.(sales, motivation).

For over 15 years, James has been doing corporate talks and trainings, and he brings his years of experience ,his entertaining teaching style ,and high energy to create a memorable and high -value training that creates lasting change for the employees and company.

Hiring James to speak could be the best investment you make in your company’s bottom line this year.

Experience & Knowledge

  • James is a human behavior expert, plus has education in psychology and business from York University
  • He even created a weekly mastermind group for your success.
  • James is an internationally board-certified trainer
  • Master Trainer apprentice for 6 years

JAMES R. ELLIOT Is Passionate About Empowering People To Get To Their Big Goals In Life!




By showing organizations how to gain and sustain a world-class reputation, I empower people to lead, connect with, inspire, influence others and boost their company’s bottom line. To command attention, gain respect, demonstrate (and effectively communicate) their massive value.

Take-Away Messages

The audience will leave with:

  • ​Strategies for expanding your sphere of influence
  • Ways to dramatically increase your sales, retention, referrals and results
  • Reduce your sales call resistance and “procrastination”
  • How to speak up, speak out, get noticed
  • How to influence others into your way of thinking – and to take action!



An inspirational keynote! Start a positive and lasting change in your world – and the world of the people who erful momentum to propel you to success, effective action, satisfaction, fulfillment, and success.

Results and Outcomes: 

  • Learn to make the adversity you have overcome your mission and the source of your power
  • Ensure that your work enhances your connection to passion and purpose
  • Increase your level of motivation, influence, and engagement on a daily basis

This keynote is perfect for:

Organizations and teams who want to empower their teams to create bigger, better things inside the business, with clients, and even outside the business in their lives (which of course, affects everything!)

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Travels from: Toronto, Canada

Speaking fee: $5,000 – $8,000

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