Hayley Mulenda is a Multi-Award Winning International Speaker, Author and Change Agent who has spoken to thousands of people across the world sharing her story on how she turned her pain to purpose.

In under 4 years, Hayley has had the opportunity to share her story drawing from her own experiences, which has resonated with over 40,000 people as she has spoken on some of the  world’s greatest stages from The Houses of Parliament to Wembley Arena to Oslo Spektrum as well as working with some of the world’s leading firms running seminars, workshops and keynote presentations.

Hayley specialises in delivering unforgettable and powerful keynotes that show that trials don’t happen to you, they can happen for you. Her keynote themes focus on wellbeing, vulnerability and personal development.

After nearly taking her own life at the age of 18 after being overwhelmed by the inability to balance studying, business and her personal life, Hayley realised how mental health issues are increasingly affecting millennials and she was passionate to do something about it.

Hayley  published her Award-Winning Book  “The ABCs To Student Success” giving tips and strategies on how to sustain a healthy mental wellbeing after facing different trials and tribulations. She uses the alphabet in a unique way to teach, empower and encourage others to keep pushing on.

“The ABCs To Student Success” has been rated 4.9* on Amazon and readers have highlighted how this book has inspired them to have a different perspective of life.

Hayley uses this book to be transparent about her story and has helped thousands become more transparent about their wellbeing too. The ABCs To Student Success hasl educated different leaders, teachers, and parents on how to view mental health from the perspective of a young person/millennial.

Hayley’s work has impacted institutions and corporations from all over the world, as she sits and works with FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 consulting their senior leaders and young talent to help implement change, strategy and synergy.

Hayley has been flown out to Redmond to speak at Microsoft HQ working with their senior leaders as well as speaking with the CEO and senior leaders of Unilever.

Hayley clientele includes  JP Morgan, PwC, Teach First and The Cabinet Office.

Her story, sessions and presentations have been described to be mesmerising, impactful and life-changing.


f overcoming depression and anxiety, but she also expresses what she was able to do to get herself out of a suicidal place. With mental health issues on the rise, she shares tips on how to sustain your mental health and how to prioritise your wellness as well as implement a healthy work-life balance into your life”

*Also available in workshop format*


“The best present you can give anyone is your presence. In a time where the world “social distancing” has become popular, can we also make the word “support” popular? No one flourishes in an environment where they are tolerated, they flourish in environments where they are celebrated.”


Hayley has worked with C-suite executives, where she is the only ethnic minority in the room. As well as sometimes being the only black speaker in a conference. Diversity is not just about hiring more diverse talent, but having a greater understanding behind culture and what could make your working environment more fitting for diverse talent?


Hayley has insight of over 100,000 young people across the world. Her insight helps provide a deeper understanding between those who may sit in C-suite level and those who are coming into the workforce.Many Gen-Zs and Millennials have decided within the first 3 months of working in your company as to whether they’re going to stay for another year or so. The best way to keep retention high is not investing into their career, but investing into them. Hayley helps leaders and CEO’s have greater understanding on what is trending and what could help graduates and incoming young employees stay in their firms.

Travels from: London, UK

Speaking Fee: On request