Haydee Antezana – Image Consultant Speaker

Haydee Antezana - Image Consultant Speaker
Haydee Antezana - Image Consultant Speaker

Haydee Antezana – Image Consultant Speaker

Haydee Antezana – Image Consultant Speaker a sought after celebrity advisor and motivational speaker, Haydee has wowed thousands of men and women with her charisma, contagious energy, honest outlook, tongue in cheek humour and powerful message!

Both her and her team assist the A-Z of top companies as well as Miss South Africa to portray the most professional impression on an ongoing basis!

Haydee Antezana, Founding Member, is an internationally certified personal development and enhancement specialist and co-author. International Speaker through Speakers Inc

She has 18 years of experience in the field of Impression Management.

Haydee Antezana – Image Consultant Speaker

Haydee is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of South Africa (PSASA) and represents South Africa on the Board of Advisors of the Professional Women Network (based in the USA).

“Be the next CBE”

Chief Breakthrough Executive

Make 2010 the year of your personal and financial breakthrough. Are you prepared for the possibilities of abundance?

Reignite and relocate your mindset in order to position yourself for the coming breakthrough in the economy, but your personal breakthrough must come first!

This presentation will empower you with practical tips, strategies and tools on how to:

  • create a remarkable impression with your visual brand
  • design and live a meaningful personal brand
  • be ahead of the pack and prepare yourself for this time of possibility
  • First Impressions For Lasting Opinions

Learn how to make the best impressions possible through this dynamic presentation. Discover the power of first impressions and the key to designing an authentic personal brand that will yield the results you desire. Follow Haydee on Twitter

Topics include investment dressing, the essentials of a polished professional, the five A’s of an ideal outfit, workplace warts – absolute no-no’s, and how to buy smart and look great on any budget, among others.

Power Etiquette

What you don’t know can destroy your career.

Wherever you may be and whomever you meet during your business interactions, the correct business etiquette will accelerate your career opportunities and provide you with a one-way ticket to success.

Learn why manners make a difference, office dos and don’ts and what your handshake says about you.

Other topics covered in this presentation include cell-phone, email, and meal manners; business card etiquette; the fine art of small talk; mastering the first greeting; impressive introductions and office-party etiquette.

The Superwoman Syndrome

Designed for women who are feeling overwhelmed by the many pressures of life, this interactive and lively presentation conducted by Haydee Antezana will help you to discover how to simplify your life, get where you want to be, become less of a perfectionist, learn to take care of yourself and cope with daily stress.

Haydee Antezana – Image Consultant Speaker

Recommended for any woman who has ever wished she had an extra pair of hands or more hours in the day!


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