Greg R. Baird is an engaging speaker with a big heart and a humorous insight on life, inspiring audiences both LGBTQ & straight across the U.S.A. on the importance of inclusion, community and discovering your legacy.

I have brought my program to colleges, universities, corporations, events and community groups about the importance of equality and civil rights for all.

I have spoken to audiences on such topics as equal rights, hate crimes, bullying, mentorship, inclusion, peace, pronouns, and acceptance.  Greg will deliver a powerful and passionate perspective on what it feels like to be LGBTQ  in this world we live in. 

As an important voice of the LGBTQ community, my lecture is inclusive for all audiences.  I will have your audience laughing, while tugging at their heartstrings, sharing stories from my childhood, parents, college, celebrity friends, and traveling around the country.  All of my audiences have commented that they don’t feel talked to in my lecture, but engaged and motivated.

My unique storytelling, sensitivity and passion shine through on how to have a positive influence in your community, embracing equality and how one person can create a change in their life and the lives of others.

The audience will be informed why it is important to be a role model and a mentor in our communities.  My message offers hope, compassion, and understanding.  I will leave you motivated to change your life and be the voice of change in your own community.

My journey in life has been unique.  In January of 2020, I was a keynote speaker at the Rotary World Peace Conference in Ontario, California.  In the summer of 2010, I was the keynote speaker at the International Lesbian and Gay Police Association/Gay Officers Action League Conference in Chicago, IL.  

Along with actress Sharon Gless from the hit TV show, Cagney & Lacy, Showtimes’s Queer as Folk, and film Hanna Free was headliners at the Palmer House Hilton speaking about, a Bridge to Unity.

Over the last few years, racism, hate, and anxiety have spiked in schools across the country. Whether it is swastikas drawn on school walls, chants of “build a wall” at sporting events, or a rise in transphobia and anti-LGBTQ rhetoric.

The reporting is clear — hate is on the rise. Add to this, the very real fears students who come from undocumented families are experiencing and it’s safe to say that the emotional health of students everywhere is on the line in new and confounding ways.

The reality is we all must search for an appropriate voice and the courage to decry hate and create healthy community norms and values, which includes ways to foster healthy dialogue between our community of conflicting political viewpoints.


  • Being a Voice of Change. 

What is Allyship?  Creating Positive Change in a Challenging World.

What is allyship What can you do to support the LGBTQ+ and other marginalized communities in a challenging world?  How are you fostering a positive & healthy community that will leave a wonderful legacy?  This program will inspire and motivate the entire audience on how the power one person has to make a difference in the lives of so many.   I will share stories and insightful information on how all of us can be supportive allies in our workplace and community incorporating pronouns and education.  The lecture will inspire the audience to want to create change personally and within their own community and the world around us.  This is a multi-media lecture and focuses on the many unique events from my own life and the incredible people who are making positive changes in our often challenging world.

  • ​Disarming Hate & Bigotry:  Building an Inclusive and Accepting Community.

Community, acceptance, and inclusion are now more important in our country than ever. This multi-media lecture will discuss and engage the audience on hate & bigotry in our community, schools, work, and the internet. Greg will also have a conversation about the shooting at Pulse Night Club on June 12, 2016, which left 49 dead and 53 injured. This will also include a short film directed and edited by Greg titled “2:02 A.M.” The lecture will share how we can be proactive to heal, educate and embrace inclusion.  This is a very important and timely lecture. Your audience will remember this presentation long after it’s over.

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Travels from: Chicago, IL

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