With Gina, you’ll discover how to become the leader that people want to work with.
Gina Longo is a former airline captain and flight instructor who flew as pilot in command on 3000+ flights and carried more than 75,000 people (and many pets) safely to their destinations.

She then moved to Great Britain to instruct corporate pilots, later spending three years as an international solo traveller.

She’s also a Crew Resource Management Instructor, qualified to train flight leaders and their team members how to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

As a leadership trainer and the creator of The Calmfident Leadership® System, Gina’s on a mission to help businesses attract and keep the right team members by improving leadership skills, so bad bosses don’t drive away good employees.


  • Attract and keep the right team members. Train people in positions of authority how to do leadership right, so bad bosses don’t drive away good employees. Help overlooked, frustrated employees master the principles of good leadership so they can improve their results.
  • Get your mind right. Discover hidden issues that undermine good leadership. Learn how to develop a calm, confident mindset and improve decision-making skills.
  • Get your communications right. Learn how to communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively.
  • Get your team right. Learn how to build productive teams, polish conflict resolution skills, and create future leaders.
  • Sexual harassment and other workplace conflict as a function (or failure) of leadership. Facilitated discussion and training on how to get to the root cause of and solve current problems so you can mitigate and/or prevent similar problems going forward.
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Travels from: Durham, NC

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