Ethel Kuuya is a highly requested transformation advisor, leadership master-coach and international speaker, as well as an entrepreneur and award winner who has spent two decades working in transformation and culture spanning 3 continents, 46 countries and thousands of leaders impacted.

She has developed culture master classes and programs that have transformed organisations and the lives of countless professionals, altering their trajectory. Ethel has several post graduate qualifications covering business, strategy, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and analytics.

Keynote Topics:

  • Ethel will help you lead beyond now…

She coaches leaders using the Lead Beyond Program for Transformation. Leading Beyond is about bravery. About moulding leaders into those that can deliberately build organisations, and breed other leaders to thrive beyond their presence. It is about the courage to dismantle that which alienates and divides, remodelling into that which exponentiates sustainable and responsible performance.

  • By building a blueprint to remodel culture 

Very few organisations that set out to change their culture often succeed. Culture work is tough, but not impossible, especially when it is understood that cultures are inextricably linked to and driven by the quality of leadership. I work with organisations in many countries, sectors, and industries to remodel and create cultures that inspire, connect, and deliver performance.

  • Ethel will deeply connect and impact your board, teams and audiences

As a speaker at multiple events, conference, organisations and platforms, she is always energised by the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, challenge established thinking and present pathways for a reimagined future.

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Travels from: London, UK

Speaking Fee: $5,000 – $8,000