Duane Rockwell has been a valued entertainer ever since on the pub and club circuit, in the corporate entertainment arena, hosting at fashion shows, corporate events.

Duane made his professional debut when he performed at the National Song Festival in 1989.

His musical repertoire includes songs from the ‘60’s right up to the current chart topping numbers. Duane has fine-tuned the art of “reading the audience” and his music will always match the function’s mood.

Hosting big events comes naturally to Duane Rockwell.  Continuity, creating audience response and unbelievable charm are delivered perfectly every time.  As Duane would say,  “a seamless” function!

His easy-going and highly professional approach to any event makes Duane an absolute delight to deal with – always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that the function is an unforgettable and totally memorable affair.

Coupled with all his charisma and stage presence is a sound and studied knowledge of the intricacies of sound and lighting, he knows all the tricks in the book and his perfect track record proves this.


It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will move you and it will change you.

When you least expect it, it will take hold and heal you.

When you need it most, it will find you.

The music in me has done all of this and so much more.

From the time I could hear my head was full of songs and melodies… Nothing has changed. In fact, I’m more in love with them now that I have ever been

To this day, every defining moment in my life has it’s very own soundtrack.

A famous father who sang for a living.

The first “record” I got when I was 7. Watching the turntable as it delivered “Bohemian Rhapsody” into my bedroom and into my consciousness forever. I was changed

Living through the 80’s. The big songs, the big hair, the colors, the energy. I hated school, but I loved sharing new music with my friends.

Waking up every single day excited at the prospect of hearing a piece of music I have never heard before.

Every road trip. It was there for every mile

It got me through the toughest times. Being a dad at 19. Losing my dad.

Made the good times so much sweeter. Watching my mom find love again. Raising 2 beautiful children. Both musical names, of course…

Gave me a second chance at love 27 years later. A song did that.

It sang me through loss and played me through the birth of my first grandson.

Every single defining moment of this crazy life has a song and a story.

And you will have yours.

These are my stories.

Music and me

Travels from: Atlanta, GA

Speaking fee: from $2,500 – $7,500