Deon Basson is the CEO of 2interact and has been doing his doctoral studies on what really differentiates the top performing salespeople. And the common denominator is …. The psychology of sales.

Applying the right psychology is far more important than the process of selling.

Running the first training to address this issue some people could make the shift to greater conversations while others could not. It became apparent that there was another skill salespeople need. Having spoken to numerous people, companies and academic institutions it became obvious that the key was to understand and apply how people differ. The focus at that time was to make sure that salespeople understand how people differ.

So the Psychology of Sales was born.

This initial program focused very much on showing salespeople how people differ in the way that they think as well as how personalities differ. This program was run for about 18 months, but from the experience it was realized that commonly found personality profiles did not serve the communication purpose effectively as they were not built for that (square peg in a round hole).

2interact and the people associated with the company realized that the true issue that they were trying to address was improving communication skills of salespeople and not personalities. In 2006 this was put into practice when the first form of the 2interact communication framework was defined and used in training programs.

In 2011 2interact was conducting training with an international bank. After the training the sales director approached 2interact to run a workshop for management and executives. That was the first step outside of the sales field and the real birth of what we stand for today.

So the Psychology of Communication was born.

The 2interact Communication Framework® and Profile are specifically designed and tested to assist people and companies to improve on communication. It is unique as it was designed specifically for communication. It is not a personality framework or profile, nor is it a competency profile.

Continuous research on the framework is taking place by major commercial companies as well as well-known academic institutions. We have had over 1 million people that have done their assessments to see what their preferences in communication are.

This framework and profile, together with appropriate workshops or coaching, will make your communication more effective. This award-winning framework forms the basis of all workshops and interventions.

The Psychology of Sales

How is it possible that two salespeople selling to the same product/service to the  customer, addressing the same issue, with the same facts, with the same process, with the same audience could have such different outcomes? Even looking back at the situation, it is still difficult to understand why.

In this talk Deon Basson helps us to understand how subtle changes to our our conversation/communication with the customer can produce complete different outcomes.

Some areas addressed are :

Understanding myself and other people in communication…from a human perspective.
Principles of Influence and Persuasion
Building relationships
Building trust

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