Daniel Silke – Political Analyst

Daniel Silke - Political Analyst Futurist
Daniel Silke - Political Analyst Futurist

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist specializes in South African and International politics. Daniel is now available through Speakers Inc.

He has a specialist interest in political parties and elections and is a renowned Futurist lecturing widely on issues surrounding global change, volatility and the future of the world.

He is regarded within South Africa as one of that country’s leading political commentators and most passionate public speakers. Follow Daniel on Twitter.

Daniel holds a Masters degree in South African and International Politics from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

Mr. Silke has served six years in publicly elected office between 1995 and 2001 having faced three elections.

He has served four years as a Member of Parliament in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa after being re-elected in 1999.

He has held the Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of Economic Affairs, which includes the portfolios of Economic Development, Tourism, Agriculture and Transport and has been Chief Whip for his political party.

He is also a former City Councilor in the City of Cape Town having served on that city’s Economic Development Portfolio Committee.

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist was attached to the Institute for the Study of Public Policy at the University of Cape Town where he tutored students for five years. Since 2003, Silke has been the director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town.

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist

In 2011, Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist published his first major book, ‘Tracking the Future: Top Trends that will Shape South Africa and the World’.

Mr. Silke has authored academic chapters and journal articles in publications on South African politics and is regularly quoted in most of South Africa’s major newspapers including Business Day, New Age, FinWeek and The Times.

His is also used by Bloomberg and AFP news agencies for commentaries. He is a guest commentator on South Africa’s major news television networks (ENCA, CNBC Africa, the SABC) and is often heard on the BBC, Radio France International, 702/567 Cape Talk, Eyewitness News (EWN) & Classic FM amongst many others.

Mr. Silke currently writes for the Australian Quarterly published by the Australian Institute of Policy & Science in Sydney and for the Dialogue journal in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist currently lectures widely on contemporary South African and Global Issues.

He has lectured at St Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas and completed a semester at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where he participated in the Dialogues of Innovation lecture series.

He was the Rooney Visiting Scholar at the Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mr. Silke has enjoyed three seasons as guest speaker at the South Palm Beach lecture series in Florida, USA and has presented to the Financial Planners Association of Australia in Sydney.

He has lectured to the prestigious World Affairs Council in Washington DC and the American Committee on Foreign Relations.

He has presented for CISCO, SunGard, Oracle and Microsoft and has delivered presentations at Duke University (North Carolina), Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia), Transylvania University (Kentucky), Washburn University (Kansas), the Philadelphia Bar Association amongst many others.

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist South African keynotes include:

South Africa 2017: Uncharted Waters

South Africa’s most comprehensive political & economic overview.

Leadership weakness, economic stagnation and political upheavals all together create substantial uncertainty. In this flagship keynote, Daniel Silke combines economic and political trends to put into context the turbulent times in which the country operates. Silke is one of the few analysts to provide a comprehensive economic update and link this with political change as well as the prevailing intrigue within the governing ANC.

  • How is the domestic economy performing?
  • What is the expectation for growth and business sentiment?
  • Will the ratings agencies continue to threaten a downgrade?
  • Can we kick-start economic growth? Will stability prevail?
  • Has South African politics changed?
  • Can the ANC remain united and regenerate itself to stem the momentum towards Opposition?
  • And, what type of leadership can we expect in the short-to-medium term as the succession race to lead the ANC and the country heats up.

All these questions and more will be covered in this always-new presentation, expertly illustrated and delivered with equal doses of insight, candour and humour.

If you are looking to cut through the noise and get context and content on South Africa, this is the one presentation for you.

South Africa: Consolidation or Unraveling?

The State of the Nation in focus.

After 23 years in power, the governing ANC finds itself more divided than ever before. With declining support – especially in the urban areas and questions over economic policy and performance, South Africa faces substantial challenges.

Almost 9m South Africans are now unemployed and growth rates do not nearly keep pace with the rate of population increase.

State-owned-enterprises are in disarray. Globally, the country is now watched every step of the way by a variety of ratings agencies set to determine our short-term performance.

The ANC faces a 2019 election with greater uncertainty than ever before. Does this mean that South Africa is unravelling as a coherent and efficient state or can it pull itself back, begin to grow and consolidate so many of the important gains made since the end of Apartheid?

In this new keynote presentation, Daniel Silke delves deep into the political and economic divisions within the ANC in a year in which the deep factionalism of recent times and leadership succession threaten to disrupt its performance.

Global Reality 2017 & Beyond: The World, Africa & South Africa

South Africa in the context of regional and global disruption.

South Africa faces considerable domestic challenges – but clearly, we do live in a global village and events in the broader African and international environment have substantial impact on our economic performance.

In this comprehensive new keynote, Daniel Silke sets the scene for discussing South Africa’s economy and political performance by first looking at the essential dynamics and disruptors facing the global economy and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst & Futurist African keynotes include:

Africa Watch 2017: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities

Africa’s political economy in focus. Resilience or regression ahead?

Daniel Silke – Political Analyst Futurist presents one of the most comprehensive overviews of the current and future state of African economic development.

Following a decade of impressive growth, much of Africa is now experiencing headwinds. Low commodity prices, a slowdown in China and a failure to diversify existing economics contribute to this.

In addition, whilst many countries have transitioned to competitive democracy, there remains several nations deeply divided and economically vulnerable.


Global Watch 2017: Risks, Challenges & Opportunities

Turbulent tides and times ahead. The world’s political economy in focus.

The election of Donald Trump, the Brexit vote and a populist uprising against globalization in both the US and Europe has unsettled the world.

In an era of sluggish growth for Western nations and mixed fortunes for emerging markets, a new era of international relations – and potential risk is upon us.

The unsettled geo-political realm – with a more assertive Russia and rising China comes at a time of greater socio-economic inequality and political polarization.

Tracking the Future: Global Trends 2025 & Beyond

Explore the politics, economics and social trends of the near future.

Key social, economic, political and technological changes are set to substantially alter the world – and the business environment over the next few years.

Governments are battling with high levels of income inequality – yet there is also a contradictory reduction in poverty levels world-wide. New consumers are being born by the minute in emerging nations like India, China and across the African continent while a dramatic shift to urban living is creating giant mega-cities offering substantial benefit and major challenges to their citizenry.

Global economic power has shifted over the last decade towards the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) nations but volatile political dynamics in each society can derail this growth in the future and point to new emerging players gaining centre stage.