Dale Robinson is a passionate motivational speaker who is highly sought after to deliver his powerful message to schools, churches, jails, youth groups, conferences and fundraising events. With his devotion to make an impact, he has a distinctive way of touching everyone he comes in contact with. 

You Are Meant to be a GURU

You have a purpose. You were created for a purpose. Everything that has happened to you will work together for your purpose. Your purpose matters to other people and will change their lives. Nothing in your life is wasted because you can turn your adversity into your advantage beginning now.

Dale Robinson
Founder of Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, Inc “ Serving Youth Impacted By Incarceration “

The Power Of A Goal

Knowing why you are doing what you do is a great power in reaching true success. Knowing what you are going after in life and why you are going after it allows you to know your purpose and to develop a vision that will carry you through all the hardships you must face on your path between where you are now and where you are going in the future. Your goals, both long term and short term, come from your purpose and vision.

Identifying your goals from a real purpose and vision for your life allows you to set the right goals. You can count on them even as circumstances around you change. As obstacles come up in your path and surprises force you to make adjustments, your goals can remain constant and keep you on track to your ultimate destiny.

Without goals set in this way, you falter and second guess yourself. You end up changing your goals too often and you can never make any meaningful progress because the target is always moving. Being able to set the right goals in the right way opens you up to really being able to go after your purpose and your success in life.

Past Engagements

  • KY Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Annual Training
  • Kentucky SAP (largest Substance Abuse Program)
  • The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation, Inc. Inaugural Gala
  • Red Ribbon Week for Franklin County High School & Western Hills High School
  • Shelby County High School Football Team
  • Marion County Detention Center
  • Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church & Arise Youth Ministry
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