Christoph Spiessens is a published inspirational author and speaker who believes that practical spirituality is the big missing piece of the mental wellbeing puzzle.


BEFORE WE GO FURTHER: Spirituality has NOTHING to do with religion!

You only have to look around to see that conventional resources alone are not enough. Traditional tools for resilience, motivation and happiness are failing. People still feel lost, confused and anxious. Teams are still working in silos. What they want to understand better is WHO they are, WHY they are here, and HOW they can use that understanding to turn ordinary lives into extraordinary experiences.

Christoph’s talks and workshops empower individuals and teams to lock on to their authentic confidence and thus improve wellbeing, which always ripples across the business and inspires productivity and team collaboration. Now available to book through Speakers Inc

It’s all about re-connecting people to their courage, self-esteem, creativity and purpose. From there, positive change can happen much quicker and significantly improve our wellbeing… and business success!

From SME to Large Enterprise, Christoph Spiessens – Workplace Wellbeing has been helping conscious organisations dramatically improve employee engagement, sales and customer experience for over 10 years. He’d love to help your organisation too! 

Christoph speaks straight from the heart. When he was just 11 years old, he was sexually abused by a leader of a Summer camp. The abuse carried on for two more years. It was the beginning of Christoph’s very own spiritual awakening. He wanted to understand why people go through such traumatic experiences and how they can overcome adversity and build a successful life. Christoph’s passion for helping people reconnect to their inner light is genuinely inspirational and will make a lasting impression on your audiences.     

He is the organiser of the popular Mindful Manager events and his consultancy is an Open Awards recognised Training Centre. His motivational book “Life of a Lifetime” is published by Business Expert Press, NY.

Topics include:

  • Spirituality 
  • Motivation
  • Life Purpose
  • Mindfulness 


Jamie Beaumont – L&D Manager, The Dining Club Group: “I first met Christoph at a public workshop he conducted in Manchester and was immediately blown away by not only his mastery of the content being shared but by the level of authenticity and the atmosphere of connectedness he created in the room during the session. Having been in the L&D field for a number of years, I can quickly assess the difference between someone who is simply sharing content to get paid and someone who has a message to share in line with a greater mission. Christoph sits squarely in the latter group. We have now had the privilege of having Christoph speak to the majority of our people and share some of his powerful ideas and strategies on 2 occasions. The feedback from the sessions has always been highly positive and I now get asked on a very frequent basis “When are you bringing Chris in again to work with us?” I cannot recommend Christoph highly enough, not only is the content he brings powerful to any business, organisational team or individual but more importantly the positive influence he has on those around him lingers on, long after the event has finished.”

Steven Nathaniel – Account Manager at the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce: “Christoph Spiessens – Workplace Wellbeing is one of the most engaging speakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Anyone who can capture the attention of an entire room in such a way is worth listening to.”