Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis is a force of nature who can start or close any event and engage an audience like none other, he’s a genuinely inspirational keynote speaker.

He’s energetic and charismatic, surprisingly inspiring, and his deep performance mindset will empower your teams to tackle disruption head-on and be successful every time.

His story starts at 50,000ft before weaving through the Afghanistan mountains, the United Nations halls, and the boardrooms of Sydney, London, New York and … Port Moresby.

Boo’s personal journey has been defined by a deep understanding of purpose-driven performance; he calls it “Deep Performance”.

At the tender age of six, he was gifted with foresight, purpose and a big dream – to become a fighter pilot.

A dream he fulfilled 15 years later, prior to embarking on a career as an extremely successful jet setting entrepreneur.

McDonalds, Zurich, Microsoft, Lenovo, Woolworths are but a few of the global leaders who’ve learned his secrets to creating “Deep Performance”.

That disruptive and sustainable high-performance mindset which creates genuine momentum for you and your organisation for years to come.

As a bestselling author, Boo is also a living, breathing example that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

He is obsessed with performance: he blogs, writes, coaches and mentors all things “deep” performance, and defines his success by the success of those he works with.

Boo’s quirky and authentic approach quickly grabs an audience’s attention, and establishes rapport, credibility and trust. His skill lies in taking his listeners on a fascinating journey, where the destination is beyond your expectations.

Travels from: Sydney, Australia

Speaking fee: $10,000

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