As a presenter, speaker and author, Bruce Whitfield interprets the noise at the murky intersection where business, politics and society collide. He has the extraordinary ability to bring clarity and transform the way we see the world. This fresh perspective shines a light on how we can fix the future. Today.

Bruce is an award-winning journalist whose daily Money Show each weeknight on 702 and Cape Talk is compulsory listening for anyone who wants to better understand the world of money and business amidst the noise and clutter of a confusing world. He has hosted numerous TV programs, is a Contributing Editor to the Financial Mail and is a foreign correspondent to multiple international news providers.

His latest project, Genius: How to Take Smart Ideas Global, examines what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, fast-paced, divisive global environment. These are lessons for anyone looking to succeed anywhere against the odds.

His bestselling, first book, “The Upside of Down”, focuses on how chaos and uncertainty breed opportunity. Using examples, backed up with the facts, and his signature brand of optimistic realism, he shows how current times are not the most challenging in history but actually a time of incredible opportunity.

Bruce is a well-known broadcaster, best-selling author and sought-after business speaker. He has shared stages and digital platforms with the likes of Bill & Hillary Clinton, Nouriel Roubini Charlize Theron, Lord Mervyn King and hundreds of business and political luminaries and personalities. He is as comfortable on a stage as he is on camera or behind the microphone. He is as comfortable on a stage as he is on camera or behind the microphone. He is insatiably curious and constantly builds his understanding of the world in a way that helps him help audiences make sense of it too.

Keynote Speaker

A renowned speaker locally and internationally, Whitfield’s extensive knowledge and connectedness informs a unique perspective. He tells compelling stories about the political economy in a creative, engaging way that connects with the audience at a deeper level. Adept at reading a room, his wit and honesty allow for spirited conversations around sometimes difficult topics.

Whitfeld has spoken to boards, excos and leadership teams at Standard Bank, PWC, Deloitte, RMB, Nedbank, Absa, PSG, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Discovery, Anglo American, DeBeers, JP Morgan South Africa, Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, BCX, Suretravel and countless industry associations including SAPOA and The Insurance Industry Association of South Africa. A master-facilitator, he’s also chaired myriad panel debates. Additionally, he’s a sought-after MC and conference facilitator.


It takes a particular way of thinking to not only thrive in a difficult domestic environment, but to take those ideas and the businesses that deliver them, global.
 Bruce has spent more than two decades studying the South African business environment and distilling what has made the country’s top entrepreneurs globally competitive.

His 45-minute ‘How To Thrive On The Edge Of Chaos’ keynote presentation, examines what it takes to thrive in an increasingly complex, fast-paced, divisive global environment. Full of fascinating stories from those who have gotten it right, this talk shares their lessons for anyone looking to succeed anywhere against the odds.

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The Upside of Down demonstrates to audiences just how important it is to have a growth mindset in a deeply complex environment where we are often paralyzed into inaction through fear and indecision.

Facts matter more than ever. You cannot make good long-term decisions if you are overwhelmed by fear. This deeply empowering, fact-rich, multi-layered talk challenges our in-built biases and encourages audiences to confront widespread, but often inaccurate beliefs.


This presentation focusses on the power of entrepreneurs to solve real world problems and challenges the audience to find their purpose and to use their skills to change society for the better. In addition to world leading examples of the thinking of people like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, it also features compelling case studies with video inserts featuring a diverse selection of remarkable South African entrepreneurs.

Ideal for young people searching for their purpose.


As a journalist, broadcaster and host of a daily radio show, Bruce has an unparalleled ability to bring insights into the issues being discussed, while masterly co-ordinating opinions across a panel discussion or any event with multiple voices.

He elicits the important questions and handles difficult conversations (and people) with aplomb. His entertaining style turns even tough or technical topics into memorable discussions.


Bruce’s stage presence, authority and ability to entertain make him an ideal programme director.

He has managed stages with global speakers and thought leaders and brings credibility and gravitas to any event that he hosts.

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  • Southern AFrica: R45,000 – R55,000
  • International from $8,500 – $12,500