Antoni Lacinai is a global speaker with a focus on great workplace communication, customer service and employee engagement. Antoni Lacinai – Communication clients come from all sorts of industries and public organizations.

The challenges are the same for so many leaders and teams.

  • How do we stay competitive?
  • How do we best serve our clients or citizens?
  • How can we create a workplace where people can thrive and be productive?
  • How do we communicate in a clear, yet empathic way?
  • How can we cooperate better to reach our goals? How do we lead?

With a background in international business, Antoni has spent almost three decades decoding the mysteries of human communication and has gathered and distilled 20 success factors (lessons, keys, secrets) that will improve peoples’ communication skills when they lead, sell and cooperate.

His drive is simple: He just want people to get along! When people get along and treat each other well, they will have more fun at work, and they will reach their goals faster and easier.

Antoni’s style is easy going, positive and passionate, and he delivers with high energy but also high clarity. You will never walk away from his lectures, workshops or training sessions without concrete tips on how to be a better communicator, how to have a more motivating work life and how to get better results.

To date, Antoni Lacinai – Employee Engagement has written and co-written 11 books on great communication, effective meetings and goal setting. Added to this, he is also regarded as one of the best moderators around.

Possible titles for keynotes and lectures:

  • Don’t Get me wrong! – The mysteries of workplace communication and how to engage (almost) everyone!
  • Great Communication – Great Results! – How 20 communication lessons will bring more motivation and employee engagement.
  • World Class Customer Experience – To Serve Has Nothing To Do With Tennis!
  • Analog Dialog – Why analog communication is better than digital, and why you still need both.
  • GOALS! – How to set them, get them and have fun.

From clients:

We are still thrilled by success if the event and all the great feedback we received from participants. Since Antoni was one if the first speaker of the conference, he greatly contributed to making it all outstanding. Antoni is a very energetic, inspiring and, yet, very insightful speaker. And from my long years of experience, it does rarely go together. More to this, Antoni was very flexible indeed: he arrived late on 3rd, having his talk scheduled in the morning of 4th and I asked to make some changes in his presentation and to my greatest surprise, he made it all work exactly as I asked. Truly great, truly inspiring, truly insightful! Conference Organizer in Lithuania

Please accept our sincerest thanks for the outstanding presentation you delivered at the Alfa Laval Aalborg Strategy day in Rauma last Friday. We greatly appreciate it.- Katri Isotahdon – Alfa Laval

Again thanks for your great contribution and your brilliant way in helping us to conduct the day. Really appreciated! Cristiano Allocci.  Head of Barilla, Nordic.

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