Angelica Ogando is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and high-level peak performance coach and corporate trainer for executive leaders.

Angelica is one of the most effective and requested Peak Performance Coaches for executive leadership. She provides concrete insight on conflict resolution, corporate values alignment, mission integration, and effective communication strategies. Angelica is a Certified Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) coach and trainer and a Certified Master Trainer in Hypnosis.

Ms. Ogando is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Enriched Mind LLC., a company that has delivered leadership training for companies in finance, technology, and the fashion industry. Angelica has effectively established coaching programs to help companies align employee development growth and goals with the company’s vision; thus, resulting in sales revenues to increase from six-figures to over a $1million dollars. 

Angelica’s passion to help people succeed is not limited to business, she zealously participates in social responsibility. She is an active philanthropist within the Latino community in the County of Essex in New Jersey.  

Ms. Ogando is a founding member of the Association of Ecuadorians/Americans United in the USA and was an advisor to the Institute of Ecuadorian-Latina Women Leaders, a branch of the same organization. For eight years, she partnered with not-for-profit organizations to provide legal and medical aid to the underserved Latino community through the Association.  

Angelica’s philanthropic work also extends to the education arena. She began serving on the Essex County College Foundation Board in 2008 as an active member and as Secretary of the Board of Directors. Ms. Ogando also served as Chair of the Foundation Board’s scholarship committee and oversaw the distribution of the Foundation’s and the Colleges’ Scholarship funds.

Angelica co-founded and was the active Chair of the Dillon Primerica Scholarship Fund at Essex County College (ECC). In 2014, the Dillon Primerica Scholarship Fund was recognized by ECC for having the highest number of students graduate (92%) since its inception. As of today, the scholarship has awarded more than $250,000 in funds to more than 110 Latino students.

Angelica Ogando graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and Master of Business Administration in Technology.

Corporate Offering


  • Effective Leadership + Training
  • Sales Using NLP
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies + Business Culture
  • Corporate Values Alignment + Mission Integration
  • Strategic Goal Setting + Effective Communication Strategies

Travels from: Newark, NJ

Speaking and Moderation fee: On Request